The end...?


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    BakaSenpai wrote: »
    The alpha ends. But don't be sad!
    Soon there is gonna be a new chance of playing Hyper Universe again.(Probably, 2 - 3 months)
    We had a great time playing together, finding bugs, new friends and helping each other!
    I am happy, that i've played with all of you these 3 days, that was fun and great!
    What are you planning to do now?
    Thank you, everyone!
    Good luck and have fun! See you on the forum!

    Your guess is right on the nose.
    Two months is normal timeline for most.
    Depending on the dev team and the flow boards we're looking at late June early July for the next round of testing.
    Although ....... we ran into a stack overflow and spent four months trying to fix it :D

    What am I planning to do now ? id Tech 6 bug hunting