Tatyana's Name

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In Korean Version Tatyana is named Olga, why is different here? It doesn't make sense for me. I think all characters name should be the same for every version!


  • NaoNao
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    probably want to change things up in the NA ver
  • GabeSkywalkerGabeSkywalker
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    In fact i thought the same haha. Even tho, i like both names :p
  • ManasamaManasama
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    I also vote for name changes for some characters on NA. While names like "Blue Rose" and "Celine" are alright, the character name for "Jennifer" sounds a bit too generic. Especially for a "superhero" type character. Not a fan of the boxer's name either (his name escapes me at the moment).

    Some creativity for such colorful characters would be great!