My Creation Process.

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Process of my entry! enjoy.



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    Whoa! You gotta be careful! Your drawing if too lewd for the Admin staff! You best shrink her breasts, and at least double the coverage of her bikini top and bottoms.
    Who knows, maybe they will censor it for you after you submit it to the contest.

    hahaha! I was only playing! It's a beautiful piece of work, well done. I see you chose to remove the little cloth from around her waist. I believe it was a good call. Didn't seem to quite fit. I will enjoy seeing more piece from you in the future.
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    That's amazing, but I have literally no idea who it is..
    I mean, I have the Hypers tab open so I checked it and my best guess would be a reskinned Yuna, but I doubt it.
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    Oh Nice ! give wallpaper please ! :D