Training Mode Queue

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So as I posted on the feedback section on discord I really believe it would be pretty amazing and beneficial to have the ability to be in training mode while we queue. That also includes doing so in a party and have the party chat where the game chat is during a match. If that is even implemented its up to you guys on what you want to do when a match is found. What I would love to see is that as soon as the match is found, the training room/background becomes transparent and paused. The accept match box pops up (training mode is automatically paused at this time and remains paused until the hyper select screen), once the timer is down or everyone accepts the match, the hyper select screen pops up all while still having training mode paused in the background. Somewhere at the bottom on the screen you have the option to return to training mode (which would then make the hyper select screen transparent and in the background). If you goof up and only highlight a hyper and go back to training, that hyper is automatically selected. Since I can't remember if you're able to highlight a hyper that's already locked in, it could automatically select the next hyper in that row or role or random. Once the match is ready training mode is automatically exited as you begin to load into the match. I also would love to see an opacity bar since everyone will prefer a different opacity strength.