Hyper University Episode 1

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I just wanted to express my love for this game and this community. We have been mostly positive and I'm loving it! You guys have inspired me to give back, the best way I can.
I've never been involved this much in any other community in my entire life. So I hope you guys enjoy it or find it helpful even though its mainly for newer players waiting to play. Anyways thanks in advance!



  • RazielWarmonicRazielWarmonic
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    Very neat-o! Can't wait to see more videos in the future. GJ! :)
  • Dr_CheesesteakDr_Cheesesteak
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    Glad this game has inspired you to become involved in a community! It is a great feeling when you're involved in being part of a community. I actually miss it and am also looking forward to hopefully being a contributing member to the Hyper U community. :#