What do you miss about playing HyperUniverse [NA]

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Wanted to make a fun little thread and see what other people miss about this glorious game. For those of us fortunate enough to have played the alpha test what do you miss most about playing the NA version?

For me I miss the korean announcer lady! I feel like she can read a regular bed time story and make it seem like the most epic of tales ever to be told at bed time. I have tower dived so hard just to hear her say "Double Kill"(I'm a BK I know). Also the Korean voices in general are epic, even if I can't understand it I feel immersed when I hear my character call out their skills when activated. Also miss running into forum/discord people in game. Also miss killing people with Blue Rose's jump shot skill, so satisfying.

Anyways what about you? Style points (Yes they are real) for people who post specific things they miss and not just answer poll :p.
  1. What do you miss the most?8 votes
    1. Just playing OBVIOUSLY!
       63% (5 votes)
    2. Other (Feel free to post what exactly you miss )
       38% (3 votes)


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    I miss killing you all, haha.
  • ShángSháng
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    Louis I miss Louis.
  • GabeSkywalkerGabeSkywalker
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    Dat nostalgia thread :'( haha... anyways, i have to say this: i really miss everything... I miss all Hypers i met:
    • my favourite Hypers (Blue Rose, Kurenai, Athena)
    • the Hypers that i love to hate (Trakhakan or w/e it's spelled: the op blue guy, Pinky who is really OP for a support, the lil guy that is mounting a rhino)

    I miss the players (although we have part of the community here, miss to actually play with you guys, accidentally signaling to gather... haha), i miss training mode where i went a couple times to get some practice before testing out a Hyper, i miss watching the store and doing my maths to see how many matches do i need to play to buy X Hyper, or planning who to buy next.

    I could go on and on, but i think you guys get my point ;)