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Hello everyone!
I would like to start off by apologizing for bothering the Nexon staff over at the HU discord about this exact issue; I'm just so passionate about this topic and firmly believe that with enough support and a dedicated team, we can achieve this.
Hyper Universe is a PvP side scrolling MOBA. Due to the minimal amount of exposure the game is getting (both on the Korean and Western side of things), I can only see the game staying a casual party game to play with friends. This irritates me to no end, as everything about the game screams "COMPETITIVE".
Team composition, item optimization, strategy / counterplay. All these things are untouched by the community due to the lack of a competitive scene; I've been actively playing on the Korean server since their first CBT and its the same now as it was then. A free-for-all slugfest. No one communicates with eachother, the pings are sporadic, and the whole experience feels like I'm playing a single player game rather than a team game.
I've noticed people tend to stick with 1, maybe 2 Hypers. This is fine, since people "one trick" characters in other games such as Dota or LoL, but when it comes down to a ranked environment, counter picks/bans are key. The absence of a competitive scene causes this lack of interest to learn multiple Hypers, and as a result, makes climbing the ranked ladder less appealing.
To keep it short and simple, I have a few suggestions that would possibly help publicise the game towards the mainstream MOBA audience of LoL, DotA, and Smite. Im not sure on how closely tied the NA Nexon team is to the KR Nexon team, so mentioning these things may be irrelevant, but Ill put them out there regardless due to how passionate I am about this.
I cannot stress how important this is in order to achieve a game worthy of becoming an e-sport. Ive known Nexon a long time and I know they love putting Korea ahead quite a few patches. This is unacceptable. Same patch through all versions makes the possibility for a competitive scene that much more viable.
2) Sponsor Twitch streamers.
Its the easiest (but may be the most expensive) way to snag a few thousand potential players. The gameplay is already solid and has the potential to be a mainstream hit, it just needs the publicity. With the help of a few streamers, our target audience will be introduced to a game they would love to play. With the amount of exposure we have now, these potential players will be lost under the radar.
3) Pushing the game towards events such as Dreamhack.
This would require a massive amount of support from the entire Nexon company, but I believe that if the game manages to be displayed at a big name event, it'll pull in players like no other. People love competitive games. People love 2d arcade fighters (SF, Skullgirls, SSB). People love MOBAs (LoL, DotA, Smite). This leads me to believe one thing: People will love Hyper Universe.
4) Why should I climb to a high rank?
In many games, getting to the premier, top-dog rank is a difficult task. Only the most skilled and dedicated players are able to reach it. In many of the mainstream games, the incentive for achieving this rank are perks / bonuses ingame, and in some cases out of game. I would love to see more support in terms of rewards for achieving high ranks other than just a little badge or border.
There are many other things that would push the game towards the esport we know it can become. We just need overall support from Nexon itself. We need it. To regurgitate what i mentioned before, Nexon isnt known to be a company who focuses on competitive games. I would love to see this change starting now. I see so much potential in this game.
Everything is going towards the route of a competitive, esport title. The publicity and support from the developers will be the tipping point.
I hope the NA Hyper Universe team can see eye to eye with me on this. This game is too good to be tossed into the massive wastebin of failed games due to lack of interest.
Thank you for reading this lengthy post and I hope some of you agree with me.
  1. Should Hyper Universe be pushed towards a more competitive, esport scene?11 votes
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  • SelfRighteousSelfRighteous
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    Nexon NA is a company that doesn't focus on competitive games is what you mean. Korean nexon still focuses on PvP in DnF, Cyphers, CloserS, and even this game Hyper Universe has tournaments. I cannot say myself why this game isn't more popular in the KR version, it seems due to a lot of infighting and some issues during OBT. I hope on release we get the same patches as Korea. This actually has been happening VIA CBT at least. Our Alpha and First CBT at least had the same character and item balances as the most recent version. Of course maintenance times between KR and our version will vary, so I'm not sure how possible having the same balances can be.

    Of course the only way a game that is purely PvP based can achieve success is through being more competitive. The problem is getting more publicity and whether nexon NA wants to push the limits of this title. Considering ours will be the first version outside of Korea this will be interesting to see.
  • _Wasabi_Wasabi
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    even this game Hyper Universe has tournaments.
    Has there? Can you link me to the pages that show the tournament information by any chance. Thanks!
  • Dr_CheesesteakDr_Cheesesteak
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    Torn on the answer. I want to say "yes" and "no". If possible, I think it should be like Awesomenauts (coincidentally, its 2D moba predecessor) used to be, or I guess like Brawlhalla is currently, in the sense that it should have sponsored tournaments, but still fill a nice niche in not being too overly competitive. Plus as you said, given how there are regional differences for Nexon games, it may be a bit hard and unfair, unless they regulate who can register for tourneys in specific regions.

    I voted for "yes", but there's an asterisk.
  • FunnyFLameFunnyFLame
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    I would love to see this a "little" competetive and not try for beeing overcompetetive. It´s like Dr._Cheesesteak says.

    I also think that Game have a problem to solve to get into the competetive: I personaly dont like the fact that each charakter has one or two items for its own and the rest for all. It´s cool like in awesomenauts if all champs have their own items, or like in lol, if they all have the same items.

    The problem with this shop here is: It´s so easy to get unbalanced. Cause the value of the special items has to be the same of the normal item, or the normal items will get behind. And that will have a huge impact for the competetive play. I rly would like to see a one - sided store, not a combined thing.
    If you left the unbalancind(Each moba has one) by the side, the other problem is, that my choice felt on the personal items. The reason was simply, there are the personal items. But that is sad.

    So we have to problems and both problems shows off in the same way. The personal items will be more often choosed. I dont watched the stats from the beta, but it would be interesting.

    And like i said, that has a huge impact for a competetive game.

    I voted for yes. But i would love that they look into the item system and that they regulate the patch "balance" world wide.
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    E-sports or no, I don't really care either way, but same patch throughout all versions is a must have.
  • YennyYenny
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    It's simple really, just support both casual and ranked forms of play. If people wanna play on a higher level, they can play ranked, and if they just wanna play without worrying about stats, casual.