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Items, Random Combos, and More!

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Full List of Items including Hyper Exclusives:
I'll be updating the items as nerfs and buffs come in the future.
Also going to keep the pre-nerfed/pre-buffed items for comparisons.
[Any new item change will be copied to the front of the drive and replaced whenever another item change is implemented]

Random Combos:
Videos of random combos with different Hypers in the Training room.
I will be going off of other player's combos and what I see in game. Feel free to correct me if a combo is not efficient.
[Heads up, the quality of the video doesn't leave much to be desired. Laptop overheats greatly while recording.]

Hyper Universe Match Results:
Use these screenshots to get a grasp on what players are building on Hypers and create your own build!
[The Screenshots will be named corresponding to the Hypers that are in the Screenshot.]
So you can Ctrl+F and search for what Hyper you want.
(Google Drive doesn't seem to have a search option)

I will be updating these 3 drives periodically as I play.

If there are any issues Discord me. Shang on Discord.
[Official Hyper Universe Discord:]

See you on Delta Station, Hypers.
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