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Hey! I made this guide in Alpha and I think it is still effective.
If there is anything wrong give me a ring.
I had some screenshots previously but I avoided using them in the end version because of the NDA. (Some areas might seem off)
Anyways have a nice day!

This is a guide for setting up Unique Pings a feature available in Hyper Universe.

This is the last day of Alpha probably should have made it sooner, whoops!

Hey this is future Shang here. This guide went longer than I thought. So put on your seat belts.

Step 1:
Join a Custom Game!
(Because I think you can only edit your pings in game, correct me if I'm wrong).

Hit "Mode Selection".

"Custom Match".

And "Start Game". (You don't require a bot to be added to start the custom match. Not adding a bot also gives you more time to play around with the Ping Editor. A couples times the bots ended the game while I was taking screenshots, haha).

Step 2:
Hit your ESC button to bring up the Main Menu.
Then select "Ping Editor".

This is the Ping Editor screen.
It already comes with 2 pings:
"Group up!" Binded to "G".
"Retreat!" Binded to "H".

You *CAN NOT* delete these 2 default pings.
BUT you *CAN* unbind the HotKey by hitting the "Refresh looking button" to free up the Hotkey's G and H.

Step 3:
Let us make a new Ping.
Hit the "+ Add" button to insert a new ping.

You can click the " ! " to change your ping to " X " or " ? ".


You can add a Command instead of a HotKey to your Ping.
Just type what you want to activate your ping after the " / ".

In the Examples below I'll be using " /sand ".

Here is a line of Ping I made.
Ping Hotkey Command Chat Macro

If you look closely you will notice it doesn't have a HotKey binded. (2nd Column)
But if you type in "/sand" in chat "DUDUDDUDUDUDDUDUDDUDU" will appear with the Ping.

(Remember to set your command with all lowercase letters because it tracks uppercase letters, So "/Sand" wouldn't work if the Command was changed to be /Sand with the uppercase it would then work)

um...Step 4?:

Chat Macro
Here is where you enter a message that will be simultaneously said with the ping after you enter a Command or Hotkey.

I'm using the original "Group Up!" ping as an example here.

Hitting "G" will use the [ ! ] ping on top of your character and say "Group Up!" in the chat.

The message will pop up everytime you use the "Command" or the binded "HotKey".

Step 6?:

And you're now done just hit "Complete" and....SIKE!

No ping location data?!
Not to fear because I some how know what to do.

In Hyper Universe you can pre-set where to ping on the map for each ping,

Probably because you don't have the time to click on the map to ping.
Unless your respawning.

Here are the mouse pings:
Left click pings the " ! ",
Right click pings " X "
and Middle mouse button pings the " ? "
At the location of your mouse cursor on the map without a message

To set the ping to ping directly on yourself:
Click the top right box with the 2 red boxes. Labelled 1 and 2. To bind your 3rd ping line to *ping* yourself.

If you want your Ping to *ping* a specific spot click anywhere on the map and there will be a example ping that will show you where the ping will be when you use your Command or HotKey.

Step one-thousand-nine-hundred-and-ninty-two-cents:


While doing this guide I realised that I might have wrote too much for something that is not too significant.
Someone might be able to make a TL:DR version probably or something better than this!
I might go back a do a TL:DR version after ALPHA ends.

Come to think of it I should have probably checked if there was a guide for pings already, oh shoot.

Thanks for reading! Tell me if there's any mistakes I proofread it twice and there must still be mistakes that I have overlooked, feel free to point it out.
(I'm not on the forums that often so hopefully errors get corrected in a reasonable amount of time)

GL HF Hypers see you on the battlefield !

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    Edit: Reason why I re-posted it in the wrong neighborhood lol jk.

    I previously had it posted in the Alpha Test Forums which was temporary.

    Reason why I re-posted it now is because I happened to stumble upon it again while cleaning up some files.