Jenifer need some nerf.

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She right now have the best kit for ganking with too much utility and CC plus damage. Compared to other heroes in the pool right now she appear to be best.


  • SyR_SnOwSyR_SnOw
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    I disagree, I think she is a good pick but definitely not the BEST OVERALL. I do agree with you that she is the best ganker .
  • RyochanRyochan
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    Jennifer is really really good, but if you see they have one on the opposite team. It means you have to watch closely at the minimap. Raziel showed how the reveal item (forgot what it's called in this) Helps notify under or above you, if there's an enemy coming to gank. Without that on your team, Jennifer is a real threat.
  • TheChaosLegendTheChaosLegend
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    Yeah vision is very underrated right now! Will be interesting to see how a meta unfolds in this game though!
  • HegokenHegoken
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    Jernnifer IS good, but not the best. It depends really.

    Jennifer has the mobility with smashing through floors, but she's nowhere near as unkillable as a tank as Athena. I think they both have their strengths, just depends on the team strategy and player playstyle.