Mostly UI issues and misaligned text

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Zoom in completely before the match begins (right after the loading screen and before the "AI benefits popup" and alt tab outside of the game (switch discord on 2nd monitor in my case) and it will not let you zoom out until you leave the base area to the first ladder.

Expected result: I should be able to zoom out.

When a match queue is cancelled (either by another player or yourself pressing ESC) and you queue in again, it will keep the previous Region that was selected and skip the "Select Region". However, the "Select Region" window is still shown while it is queuing.

Expect result: It should prompt me to select a region again before it starts to queue.


While queuing for regular matches, spam clicking
"Start Game" will cancel the "Select Region" and give you the "Please select a region and try again." error but keep the "Selection Region" window up.

Steps to produce are: Mode > Regular Matches > spam Click the Start Game button fast until it gives you the "Please select a region and try again." error.

Re-entering the prologue through Training Mode and clicking ESC > Leave Prologue will popup the "Would you like to stop the prologue?" rewards which I have already claimed. It does not give the rewards for completing again though.
Expected result: This screen should not show for people who have already completed and claimed the prologue rewards.

Dashing through Dragon's loot (Dragon's Heart) in the prologue will not collect it. Walking into it after does.
Expected result: I should be able to dash into the dragon's heart the first time and collect it.

Clicking outside of the mini map will let you signal to unreachable areas. Please note the green ! exclamation mark signalling the out of reach area.
Expected results: We should only be able to signal within the arena.

In the GUI settings, change the Language to French or German and Save (Enter). This will affect:
Pressing the Restore Default does not restore the option back to English.
Each time you save a setting in another tab (eg Sound) will give you the "Restart client to update the game language." message.
Changing the language back to English will still ask you to restart the client to update the game language.
Expected result: Changing a language option should not prompt you to restart the client when changing a sound/graphic/etc setting after.


The Set Control type window (accessible from Settings > Controls > Set control type) has misaligned text at the bottom.

The text for Bruiser, Support, Assassin are misaligned outside of the box.

The screenshots are slightly blocking the text that says "Party invites can only be sent to friends who are online are not currently playing a game."


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    Hey WatchGintama,

    Nice job catching those! We will be looking into these as soon as possible- Thank you so much for the help!