The Training Simulator How To Guide

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novice to Veteran in a meer hour !

Picture Heavy How to
  • Understanding the play-style of the character that your're playing. Along with the combo system that works for that character.
  • Remember Your play-style is based on "levels and perks" if you're using default perks you're going to default DPS.
  • Instead of spending your coin on perks that you don't like test them out in the training simulator first.

  • Training
  • Training room
  • Start Game

A. Pick the Hyper you would like to play
B. Left click mouse on Ready

A. Pick The AI Hyper you wish to battle
B. Left click mouse on ready


Now it's time to pick your practice equipment set

A. Basic is what everyone gets starting out
B. Rotation is whatever is in rotation for that week/day
C. Custom equipment you can buy via in game cash earned or nx

For this we're going to pick Custom equipment . So left click "Edit" and it will take you to the next page.


Default recommended equipment


A. We're going to be doing custom equipment so add all your equipment to this area.
B. Left click "all" to bring all equipment that you can use. < Now is the time to look over all the equipment to see what works for you >
C. Drag equipment from C to A in the order that you want. < There is no right or wrong. You can change your equipment at anytime >


Now that we have the equipment to use
A. Hit P or Left click the area


It's time to look over your Hyper Skills ( F2 ) Understanding the combo system and your cool downs will make you an effective player.
Tip > Random button mashing only gets you so far


Looking at your Hyper Equipment can be overwhelming to some so take a deep breath, and plan ahead. How much will this cost me, and how long will it take to get.


A. Each "UP grade" requires coin and the number of coin increases with every UP grade
The training simulator coins are infinite so you don't have to worry about spending your coins
B. The amount of coins that you used
Keep in mind that adding everything to max at lv1 is UNrealistic


A. While the pop bubbles can be helpful at times they are horrible at real time battlefield conditions.
B. Coin spent <notice that you spent 8137 coins that would require you be lv7+> so be realistic


A. As you test out your combos and, get a feel for your hyper it's time to start increasing your level. (This can be increased but not decreased)
B. This is all your/team active status effects. This well increase or decrease doing game play.


Up for that AI hyper to do something ?
Think you've mastered your combo set ?
Time to test what you've learned.

A. Turn on AI setting by hitting F8
B. Left Click on


A. Adjust the AI to "Fit" your play style

Hint > Remember it's all about combos
Hint > Are you finding it too hard ? Try to mimic what the AI is doing and use it in your combo system



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    <adding more space for more>

    Feel free to PM me of talking to me in game for more help.
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    Great Job, you should also explain the dashing skill
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    Oh wow! Very awesome effort. Thanks for doing this!
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    Great thread, bookmarked and thanks!
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    Arcv wrote: »
    Great Job, you should also explain the dashing skill

    it's in the works and planned for a future release. :)
    along with the following

    game mechanics and game dynamics ( this one wont be released for awhile maybe Q4 )
    universal combo systems ( this might get rolled in dashing )