Just a tip to people who like to "split push"

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It doesnt work in this game. it just doesnt. there are multiple reasons not to do it, but the MAIN reason is that this game has levels, not lanes. someone from top level can just drop down, cut off your escape route, and now your sandwiched and 99% of the time you WILL die. and death timers are stupid long in this game, so if you die then that means for 80+ seconds your team has to 3v4 at zero cost of the enemy team... even if you have great escape like jack and you do manage to get away then you would have still accomplished NOTHING at the end of the day. just stay grouped.

the only time it is acceptable to split push is when it is absolutely safe to do so, as in you GROUPED previously and killed half or more of the enemy team. but even then its just better to stay grouped and take objectives faster...


  • LilSlaveryLilSlavery
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    So what you are saying is to splitpush? okie doke
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    sometimes its worth it to split to let ur team get boss.
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    There are other times where split pushing is acceptable. Mainly this will require your team to know what you are up to ofcourse so they don't try to go all in and try to bait the enemy fighting 4v3 at your tower on the other lane. Celine is a good char to keep people entertained at a tower. As she is pretty mobile, has good range, cc and pushing power if they do decide to leave the lane alone.

    Also some chars seem to almost meant to fight behind enemy lines (think blue rose). I can't count on two hands the amount of times i went to splitpush and escape behind their own lines by diving into the enemy towers to escape if they try to come from behind. It's risky and not all chars their kits are good at doing so, but the ones that are should abuse it to full potential. It's one of their strengths and it would be a shame if that gets ignored.
  • WillJoestarWillJoestar
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    Intresting, I've seen on other maps in KR the mob mentality work well but on the space station so far I've just been doing 2 laners and 2 roamers jungling and backing up when needed.
  • DuWryghtDuWryght
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    There are ways to split push.... but I will never tell ;-)
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    There are certain Hypers that have amazing split pushing potential because of their kits. Either excellent escape potential or great mobility. Its a combination of things to consider, but ultimately it can definitely be done, and can definitely be worth it.
    That's what I believe anyways.