Question about defense penetration/defense bypass

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Cain's unique item, "Glove of Oath," gives "Defense Bypass: +30%" by the time it's maxed out to stage 4. Does this mean it ignores 30% of the enemy's Defense stat? Or is it something weird and roundabout, like actually increasing my Defense Penetration stat by 30%? Sorry if it's a stupid question, it just feels a bit weird with having "Defense Bypass" as a percentage and "Defense Penetration" as a straight up number. There's also another stat which does increase my Defense Penetration in proportion to my attack stat, so yeah...

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  • RawrzoryRawrzory
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    This is just a geuss of mine, but i think it works like this:

    Bypass is what you say if your opponent has 120 def it bypassed 40 of that def. So effectively 80 remains (well i bit more but lets not get too numbercrunchy here)

    Penetration is simply making the number lower. Most chars have 60 def as far as i have seen and you simply take that number down by the amount of penetration you have. So if it's 60 and you have 15 penetration the def that remains is 45.

    As said i'm not a 100% sure it works like this, but it's the most logical thing i could make out of it.

    Now to add to your question i have a few of my own that maybe somebody that actually know how it works could answer:

    1. How is damage vs def calculated or the def stat itself ? Can i stack def so i completely negate attacks or is it % based ? And if so how much ?
    2. Can you bring people their def into the -% zone and how would that work out in damage ?
    3. What is calculated first ? Def penetration or Def bypass ?
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    Defense Bypass ignores a percentage. You are correct in thinking it ignores 30% of the enemy defense, because that is exactly how it works. Other items like Sanguine Scythe that have Defense Penetration takes away a fixed amount of defense rather than a percent, so 20 defense pen means -20 defense on the enemy for example.

    EDIT: Some more clarification here. Defense Bypass is a unique modifier. Notice how when you have the Cain Gloves you cannot equip certain items like Blue Beam Blade or Sanguine Scythe because you can only have one type of modifier that affects enemy health regen and gives defense bypass. It won't show up on your stats as far as I know. Defense Penetration will show up on your stats as Assassins have a unique passive that gives +15 when they hit level 20.
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    it ignores 30% of your enemies defense. interesting note is that ignitia unique item searing eye bypasses 30% defense, but it enhances her ult to ignore 30% more. so her ult ignores 60% with that item and can be stacked even higher with items like slaughter's gaiters and fire sceptor.

    basically what im saying is that ignitia loves to penetrate :^)