Unlocking Hypers?

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Hi guys!

I am curious do I need to hit a certain account level in order to unlock a Hyper? Just started playing today and reached nearly level 3 at the moment. I would like to unlock a certain hyper but no matter which I click nothing happens (except the free ones it says I should reach a certain level to do so).

But what about the rest?


  • jobethjobeth
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    well, the pack you got in order to even play the game contained all of the hypers currently in the game, EXCEPT for I think 3, in which case you get them unlocked as you level for free, I think you have all 3 unlocked at level 6.
    however when a new hyper comes out, such as arslin coming out tomorrow, he will need to be purchased for 15k game points, or you can use a hyper coupon on him, also obtained from leveling.

    your first few real games can be tricky, and it can take a while to get a hang of the game, keep practicing!
  • FlemianFlemian
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    Thanks but I only have Allen unlocked (plus the free rotations) since the game can be played without preorder since yesterday. And I can't purchase any on lvl 2 from the rooster though I have 30.000 game points aquired from the prologue.
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    Where and how do I unlock the power ranger character I Downloaded the game for him but hes not even in the shop