Playstation Button Graphic/Prompt would be nice!

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Seeing how the game does a fantastic job with supporting tons of different controllers it could be nice to have PlayStation Button prompt and graphic when you plug your PS4 controller. It would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps an ability to choose between Xbox button prompt or Playstation, like an option in-game. Or the game could auto-detect what you have plugged in (it already detect ps4 controller just fine though).

I don't know how hard it would be to add something like that though, is that something you guys (the NA dev) can even add into the game? I would think it's not something that is that difficult to do though :>


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    I wish that would be done.

    As far as I know... Sony isn't a fan of their logos/art/trademarks being used on PC though.

    And by not a fan, I mean they downright don't allow it 99% of the time. :\