So what is better ? Crit vs attack vs defense pen

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Well i have been wondering this for awhile now and before i start testing it i figured there might be somebody that tested this already. Better yet maybe that person would be willing to share the results. In the end it's about the mix between them that gives the highest damage output as far as i know, but one of them most likely gives most bang for your buck in the early state of the game.

Anybody that knows or has certain preferences that give out good results ? I will most likely be in the training area tonight to test out different ways of itemizing and eventually share it here, but it would be nice if somebody already had a general idea of what is best at certain points of the game and why. Any takers ?


  • ChristmasChanChristmasChan
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    Defense pen and def bypass is the. Best on ignitia from wat i played with and tested. Can reduce a squishy target like celine def to zero and 2 shot her with W and R assuming no major heals. Raw dmg with only one def bypass item wont cut it on her.

    As for in general it really depends on what ur playing. Striker for example want crit rather than flat def pen or raw atk.
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    Well after fiddling about in the training room for a bit mostly my discoveries are:

    All stats are important to have, but armor pen and armor bypass can be divided in late game and early game. Early game 10 penetration can be as effects as 25% bypass (a bit more even) depending on who you target. I noticed celine having 38 def at the start as exmple and only gains +1 per level. This 38 is good for a 24% damage reduction, in comparison if you take somebody that has 55 it gives 28% (these are global numbers though it's something like 24.44 and 28.88 something like that). So you could say that 15 def pen gives you around 4 to 5 % more damage.

    Now i tried a few builds:

    Pure attack + pen (this is increases stable in damage)
    Pure attack + crit (this can be burst depending on who you target and what their def stats are).

    And a mix of all 3 but switched the items around to see the early game difference.

    What it pretty much boils down to what you want to kill at what point in the game. As said def pen can get you high value early as the def stats are not that high thus making it a bigger increase. The more def they get though the more pointless the def pen stat becomes. Bypass is pretty much a given at late game for tanks. Killing squishy target souly on def pen is without a doubt possible throughout the match (that is if they don't buy extra def)

    The best i found sofar is a healty mix of all 3 at early and dropping def pen at a certain point to focus on crit + attack and get bypass later on. One item that has all 3 stats as a first will make you pretty bursty early on and has best best value purely looking at the damage numbers. A second one can be done, but that depends how well you want to be able to kill people and leave other utility items etc in the dust.

    I will get deeper into it and maybe try to figure out some percentages, but for now this is what i found so far.
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    I agree with Rawrzory. It really depends on your character and what you targeting. It almost doesn't matter in team fights as everyone is launching ults anyway making individual stats almost pointless.

    You can't go wrong with crit as few people are stacking def.
    You can't go wrong with some defense pen.
    You can't go wrong with bypass.

    I tend to choose crit over everything else as that boosts damage on the most targets. Its' great paired with lifesteal to get back into or stay in a fight.