Way to much spam in the chat window while playing.

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There's so much useless spam in the chat window, it makes communication near impossible. Sometimes you just want to tell your teammates somethings important but then it get immediately lost in the sea of spam. It's really odd. Sometimes after a match I take a look at the chat just to realize that I've missed like 80% of what people were saying. I think this is huge issue. Perhaps if it would make some kind of sound when someone speak it would make it less of an issue. I've played tons of other MOBA and I've never seen so much clutter and spam in the chat window.

Is there a chance this could get reviewed? Perhaps separate the combat log or something, I don't know, but the spam needs to go :<


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    I also agree. Quite often, within seconds my teammates' chats could go out of view due to the system logs taking too much space and coming in too fast. I don't think it's too big of an issue for me, but it could be better.