Looo..ng Match-Up Time

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I'm kinda new in-game and finding match takes really long. Doesn't matter morning, afternoon, night or late-night. Sometimes, it takes more than an hour. I usually chose EU server but others are same either. Am i doing smth wrong?


  • RusuhRusuh
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    I typically get 3-10 minutes for east coast servers.
  • RawrzoryRawrzory
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    So far for me it's mostly been between 2 to 4 minutes, but i play at times i think most here in the EU would play. What are the times you try to play on and where are you located ?
  • DualToothBrushesYe4DualToothBrushesYe4
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    For me it's usually either around 5 minutes or less . Had a bunch of search times last only a few seconds or within a minute, and I don't think I had any that lasted 10 minutes. I'm playing on NA east btw
  • ChristmasChanChristmasChan
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    i sometimes get 30 min ques. its mainly because not many people are buying into early access and playing the game.
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    na west is actually dead :/ it takes me over 2 hrs to find a match depending on when I que up. I've resorted to playing on na east now.