Allied AI partners not capable as AI enemies

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I've noticed this when I've had player drop out of a game. The allied AI plays like the AI in the version before the enemy AI got a boost in skill (better scripts). I've seen allied npcs from tanks to strikers walk into towers with no support, fight 1 vs 4, and not follow allies and set up ganks. All of these things the enemy AI is capable of figuring out. The failing AI actually is a detriment to the team almost as bad as someone that's afk. The allied AI feeds while an afk at least isn't giving the enemy any money.

We need an ally AI intelligence boost (thought in the best scenario, people wouldn't leave matches). But as I've seen, Allied npcs cripple a team and I can only think it's worst in pvp versus players.



  • TomatoTentacleTomatoTentacle
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    I have seen my ally AI tank go jungle, hit a mob 3 or 4 times, then move on to the next camp, achieving nothing ever.

    I have seen my AI climb up their base tower, beeline 1 by 1 into the opposing AI who seemingly are much better at sticking together.

    Also, since bots seemingly only walk forward, spam their skills and start running back when they are 1/2 health, makes it extremely hard to end a game where you have 3 bots on your team vs 4 bots, I have had to resort to just go straight for the towers without trying to fight enemy hypers or push the waves to be able to finish bot games.
  • zackdollarszackdollars
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    I agree. The AI bots are awful. I quick fix would be to have them dedicated to a single goal, like focusing on the weakest enemy tower. If the AI is out numbered, it should retreat.