Options for in-match, endgame gold

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One of the issues I see with this game is beating stalemates. Once everyone is capped and their gear as maxed, the game diminishes to "who can cc who first." The only mechanics we have are the boss. The boss on the dragon map spawns a single tank which isn't much of a help as it can quickly be focused. On the 2 lane map, it's a little better. What I would like to see is use for gold at endgame. I've had over 8k gold when the game started going long . It would be nice to be able to buy something for the team. Maybe buy buffs or spawn a wave of stronger minions.

Alternatively, perhaps the cost of warping can go up. I think with this suggesting, hypers with better sustain and life recovery will become more valuable as you can quickly retreat, back, and warp right into the fray without spending much time trying to recover by other means.

It's something. I know I've played matches where people were stalemate even at the boss. Gold has zero purpose at endgame outside of free warps (but you get gold at a higher rate as the game goes on). Stats mean less when endgame is just a cc and group fight. What I'm saying is even if you were farming well and your team hits cap faster than the enemy, you can still lose/die if you catch a cc at the wrong time or get ganked or whatever. I would like to see some mechanics in place that can allow teams with high gold amounts to tilt the game in their favor even further.



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    yo, that's a really good idea! definitely something for the devs to think about. like, maybe let us buy our turrets back.... lol, jk... or am i?...

    but, seriously. that's definitely something to consider. not the turret buy-back option, cuz that would just make the game drag on, but alternative uses for gold. a temporary buff for team or special minion waves both sound like really good ideas... or even buffs for the minion waves... or even a buff for still-standing turrets.
    maybe an option for all of the above?

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    I think it's a good idea that there's some sort of end-game option to spend gold on. The level/item cap can happen pretty quickly in a game, and as mentioned, from there the stalemate can really get drawn out.

    There's probably many directions you could take it in order to add some factor to help prevent a stalemate. A few random thoughts I'd have (and not necessarily good ones, just trying to brainstorm quickly to maybe get others thinking.) would be to maybe change the leveling structure a bit. I've always felt it could be tweaked a bit to make it more apparent that a team was playing well - controlling the lanes, controlling the minions etc. It's always felt minor...the time you reach cap to the time the other team follows up after words seems really quickly, even with that strong control early/mid game.

    Mobs/jungling (haven't really seen what people are calling it in this game!) tend to drop off later - easy kills for a minor buff or some regen with lifesteal, but they don't feel important at the level cap. Maybe something changes at level 20 that allows new mobs to spawn or a new challenge of some sort that would give a buff worth committing to a fight over, or some sort of extra levels that can only be gained by killing a certain monster, and these levels could have more stats than the standard leveling scale does to add to the potential advantage.

    Just some simple ideas, but I'm all for things being tried to break up the stalemates...games tend to be either fairly short or really long, few go in between.
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    I think purchasable buffs and some type of super minion/siege tank would fit the bill in this game. One thing to think about is when such options become available to a team or individual. Are the buffs/minions available for purchase at all stages of the game? Are players able to buy them only when they are lvl 20 or only when all of their equipment is capped? Can they be bought only when the entire team is lvl 20 or equipment is capped? Is this only purchasable by the individual and/or can their be mechanisms that require the entire team to put forward some coins?

    I think a combination of suggestions can exist. Perhaps the individual can purchase a buff while it will take a group effort to buy something more significant.