MEGA Suggestion Thread!

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As the title says I wanted to make a neat organized thread of the communities suggestions. If you have a good idea please post it and I'll add it to the list. Suggestions listed are in no specific order. I will be keeping this thread updated often.

1. Go into training mode while in queue.
2. Central Servers (So east and west aren't split)
3. Different controller in game graphics/prompts.
4. Show map at Hyper select screen.
5. Ally AI improvement (if someone disconnects)
6. More training mode options (decrease level etc etc)
7. Tower range indicator (Some kind of visual on the ground or something)
8. Boss buffs should drop near the person who last hit rather than random.
9. Record function to test specific set ups (A lot of fighting games have this function and more)
10. Chat filter (so there is less spam in game to make communicating with your team easier)
11. More freedom over controller button configuration (Being able to change the combo button for xbox for an example)
12. Option to disable buying items with a controller (For miss clicks and if you want more buttons freed)
13. Increase the friends list cap or just remove it.
14. Allow 2 users to enter training mode together to test specific things.