Athena's guide (hopefully the most complete)

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Greetings ,

This guide is Inspired by Mjnigguz posts, since i saw his Jack guide post, i didn't want to stay behind (or rather make Athena's guide myself, since she basically became my main, HAD to do it myself), i'll be updating this in the future, also i'll start working on a video-guide.

  1. About Athena: (Copy-paste from in-game description)
    Athena can take hits and keep on rolling, making her perfect for aggresive advances. With all of her rushing and disruptive skills she excels at picking fights, but needs the support of her allies to finish enemies off.

  2. Stats:
    As we can see Athena's difficulty is rated 3/5, she isn't difficult to play, but needs some strategy (or strategic use) to get a good performance.

  3. Skills:
    Passive skill:
    Athena's Movement speed increases when out of combat, and her Health Regen increases when in combat (Note: in-game description has an error, saying Cain instead of Athena) - Out of combat Movement Speed +10%; In combat Health Regen +100%
    This passive is really amazing, as it allows you to get into the battle pretty fast (or sometimes if you manage to get away from a dangerous situation, get to a safe spot to return to base), also the health regen may help you survive a battle (team or even 1vs1)

    A/Z Skill:
    Athena swings both shields and sword, striking two heavy blows. - 3 sec Cooldown
    Can't say much about this, use it either as available or get it ready when going to give a killing blow (just keep in mind you're a tank, think on supporting your team before going for kills).

    Q/A Skill:
    Athena lunges forward with an expert slash to the legs, deals damage and decreasing Movement Speed - 11 sec Cooldown
    This skill can be good to engage in battle, follow an escaping opponent, or just slow them down when want to buy your teammates a second or to to land a killing blow, i usually use it from a distance so that the lunge gets Athena right in front of the enemy and deal a blow while starting a battle, other times i use it to Combo with Victorious Charge (get behind enemy, charge, stun them, that way your team can land a couple blows, and enemy is some distance away from a succesful escape)

    W/S Skill:
    Athena's equipment grants her decreased damage from enemies and increased damage to enemies - 25 sec Cooldown
    Pretty decent buff, use it as soon as you engage or before making a combo, also this buff is very useful when fighting monsters in the battlefield (just remember your role as a tank)

    E/D Skill:
    Athena charges forward with a powerful shield bash that does damage and stuns. Pressing her advantage, she ends the charge with another strike that does additional damage and stuns for longer - 13 sec Cooldown
    One of Athena's most useful and important skills, as a tank, being able to stun gives a great advantage to your team, in team fights if you can lock the enemy team with stuns your team has the fight won already, main downside with this skill is the push forward, if you stun close to an enemy turret, can get youself below it and get hit (not good), also if a teammate is about to kill an enemy and your damage isn't so high, after the push (and the stun) the enemies can make an easy escape.

    Best way to take advantage of this skill is to get behind the enemy with dash, then Victorious Charge them, to push them into your team/turret that way you make their escape harder, can take advantage of the battlefield when pushing them under a turret and can bring the victims into your team for a full-team ganking (again, a disadvantage lies if enemies are making direct attacts, or attacks that require enemy to stand in spot, charge can make those attacks less effective, and in some cases, delay or even make team lose a kill, use careful)

    R/F Skill:
    Athena crushes her foes with a flying sword slam, smiting the unworthy and knocking them down - 80 sec Cooldown.
    Athena's Ultimate skill, jumps a short distance (similar to Humbling Cut) deals "high" damage (in terms of tank/Athena, it's quite high) and stuns all enemies hit, again can't say much about this skill, best used either when enemies are killing a teammate and want to buy them a few seconds for them to escape, enemies are under turret trying to gank (stun, turret keeps attacking them, it can be reversed hehe) or when want to stun-lock them (Charge stun -> Divine Fury stun), remember to not underestimate this skill damage, sometimes Hypers with low defense (or no defense equipment) at low health can die from this.

  4. Useful Combos
    These are a small list of combos i've found useful, some i use all the time (Will record a video on these sometime soon).

    1) Dash -> Victorious Charge (push towards turret) -> Attack until enemy starts retreating -> Humbling Cut
    This could be a very basic combo, but usually is enough to get you first blood, sometimes can be useful late-game but when everyone has ultimate available there are better ways to save your abilities

    2) Victorious Charge-> Attack until enemy loses stun -> Dash -> Humbling Cut (by this time either Victorious Charge or Dash may be available can repeat, keeping in mind to stay away from enemy turret or if going under turret for a kill, make sure you get the kill and get out in time)
    This combo i use when chasing escaping/low health enemy Hypers, but sometimes for getting greedy they manage to get out and their turret to kill me, so have to be careful with it

    3) Victorious Charge (push towards turret or own team's side)-> (Wait a second, to take advantage of stuns) Divine Fury -> (Optional) Humbling Cut
    Stun-Lock combo, can also be used to start team fights, the optional final Humbling Cut can help chase enemy Hypers who managed to survive and try to escape

    4) Victorious Charge (push towards turret or own team's side) -> Attack until enemy starts retreating -> Divine Fury -> Attack until enemy continues retreating -> Humbling Cut
    Another chase-stun combo, this time start a fight with a stun, if enemy fights back Divine Fury gives an advantage (also keep always in mind Dash -> Victorious Charge when cooldown is over)

    All these combos can be complemented with Gift of the Forge, either at start or between stuns (or before going to use Divine Fury/Olympian Smite)

  5. Role
    This is supposed to be a bit obvious, but need to make a small reminder - Athena is a tank, she isn't a Stalker/Specialist/Brawler, her role is more of support team, being tanky and get hits so teammates can either run for a kill or escape from being killed, despite that, Athena is quite a skilled fighter, and with the right equipment, she can deal some damage (just remember to prioritize defense)

  6. Athena's Unique Equipment
    Blessings of the Gods

    Armor of Might

    Shield of Protection

    Sword of Victory

    What can be said about Athena's equipment, apart fom the stats, they are focused on Defense and Health mainly (of course, Athena is a Tank Hyper), Sword of Victory is a good alternative if you want to deal some damage without having to sacrifice Defense on equipments, Shield of protection is pretty good because of the movement speed boost and Blessing of the gods because of mana Regen and Cooldown reduction, each equipment enhances one ability, but have to keep in mind to build a well-balanced equipment set (and other restrictions i'm not yet aware of)

    Note: Blue Hyper Ring is not Athena's exclusive item, but i feel it's a MUST for Athena, allows to place Wards (more visibility, can always know when enemies are coming to gank, or if they are somewhere where can be easily ganked) while buffing Defense, Max Health and Cooldown Reduction (all stats useful to Athena) (Screenshot coming soon)

  7. Rotation Equipment sets

    Not going to analize in-depth each roration equipment set for now (a little bit lazy, also these are available only when Athena is on free weekly rotation, but they are a good sample of how to make a well-balanced equipment set), just going to quickly mention their usefulness:

    Roration Equipment Preset 1: Titan Combat Boots are basically a must for Athena, add defense and movement speed, because of Armor of Might, Colossus Shield, Titan Suit and Chronograsp gloves you get a good defense and Health boost, also Sword of Victory adds to the defense boost while adding more attack, this is a solid defensive (or "Tanky") equipment set

    Rotation Equipment Preset 2: All items are pretty good defense boost, but because of A.V.S Overwatch System and Task Force Shield you get +175% Health Regen, also Blessings of the Gods + Task Force Shield give you +30% Cooldown Reduction, this equipment set is good to engage constantly into battle/team battles, emphasis on Team battles as Divine Fury and Victorious Charge are going to get boosted when you complete Sword of Victory and Shield of Protection (Also get movement speed boost)

    Rotation Equipment Preset 3: +120 Mana Regen to begin with (Spoiler Alert: Camilla the succubus drains enemy Hyper's mana, this is going to be perfect counter when she is released) will assure you'll be able to make constant use of your skills (paired with +25% Cooldown Reduction, not as great as Equipment Preset 2, but still is a good boost on CD reduction), also at +165 Defense equals Equipment Preset 2 defense boost (20 less than Preset 1), this is good when you are having trouble keeping up with mana (or when fighting Camilla...)

  8. Equipment Sets i use
    To the Basic Equipment Set i made a few changes, Decided to go for:
    Titan Combat boots (+defense and movement speed)
    Sword of Victory (+Attack, +Defense, +Max Health and Divine Fury buff)
    Devil's Jacket (+Defense, +Max Health and debuff enemy Hypers attacking you)
    Titan Suit (+Defense, +Max Health, +Health Regen, buff versus enemies DoT and buffs healing effects with health under 30%)
    Shield of Protection (+Defense, +Max Health, +Movement Speed, buff Victorious Charge)
    Blue Hyper Ring (+Defense, +Max Health, +Cooldown Reduction, Allows you to place Wards)

    With this equipment set i manage +185 Defense Boost, +1650 Max Health, Health Regen, CD reduction, and buff both my Stuns, this is a well rounded equipment set for team supporting and durability, only downside is that i don't have much damage output, so need to rely on teammates to actually be effective.

    This one i called "AP-test" is still a WIP, but i have tested and has worked so far; This set i thought on a way to equip Athena with Attack boost (+65 for this set) while trying not to sacrifice durability (a bit low at +155, remember, Athena is a Tank, a tank that dies in two hits is not useful), +35% cooldown reduction and a little bit of mana regen, i still run into the problem of running out of mana during fights, but i can battle monsters quite easily, and get many kills (more than with my usual tank, equipment set), this set i'll keep modifying and trying out (against veteran/elite bots until i get a solid build), still got me MVP many times (dat obsession)

  9. A little bit of showoff (Final section, for now)
    So, i guess for now i ran out of things to write for this guide, i'll keep editing it to make it more complete, and will work on a video guide in the future, so a little bit of showoff results, anything that has to be added or that this guide lacks please let me know (Also will update for sure when final game is released)

    A couple (KDA) MVPs i took screenshot of (i know i know, i got obsessed with that)

    A couple amazing results (Dat Athena vs the bots)