EU seems to have no players

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I really love Hyper Universe i really do but sadly on EU the Queue times are either way too long or you just don't find any games at all which really upsets me as i can't play the game neither really profit of the "Early Access" that i have bought :'(


  • ArcvArcv
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    Okay I'll tell you why, there is a decent number of players in EU, as you know - depending on what (time) you play can affect the queue times.
    Generally the game is being under fire for its art alteration, making many people upset = this leads to a negative spiral and takes away players from the game. That means there would be less players.
    Also the game is still in Early Access, so its official launch is what everyone is waiting for.

    **My advice to you is to queue NA east, it is closer to the EU server than NA west. If you have decent connection, I highly recommend queuing for east since it is the most popular server ATM.**

    I know you're itching to play but we should all be patient. Hang in there man.