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I have previously wished for a story mode, well we got one but I would like to draft a more bigger image for my take on story mode.

I think with the story that has been crafted so far, we can add to it but the grand scheme is that we should implement a campaign mode for our hypers. This creates a PvE environment without slashing on the PvP aspect. There should be single player and co-op campaigns done according to the hypers that meet that story or based off of some story line

EX - Allen's backstory etc = single player mode
EX - Feud between two characters or a team up with two characters (or more) = co op mode
EX - Other stories with free picks

I haven't really thought all of it out thoroughly but i just wanted to get my general idea out, we need a story mode!
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  • 001ofMany001ofMany
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    ya, i was hoping for a something along the lines of like... i dunno an actual, playable campaign. Individual character story mode mission would've been DOPE even it was just one short mission each. I dunno, something that'll engage us and builds each character for us to relate to but on a linear, narrative. Not that there's anything wrong with the Visual Novel style, but having a small bit of playable content in there would've been nice.

    as far as the gameplay for 'em goes. I'd be fine with something stupid and simple like eliminating a hoard of enemies or survive long enough to unlock the Visual Novel Scene, or even speed running scenario's or puzzle solving mazes. like push the boxes here Athena, or shoot all the bandits coming at you Turner, or Solve the puzzle without getting killed Jack, solve it with your cards even.

    Idealy, each character's story would act as an especially tailored tutorial mode for each of 'em.

    like Ryta's gotta make it from point A to point B in a certain amount of time without getting seen and kill some alien boss monster thing... then escape the exploding space ship with a bunch of alien badguys coming after her!!...

    ...but that's pushing it....
    Slaying hoards would be fine... i guess...
  • ArcvArcv
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    I would love a stealth mission with Jack, maybe hes escaping prison, and hes got a little prison outfit going on...