Fortress of the Guardians Megathread

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Greetings Hypers,

This is our feedback thread for the new map "Fortress of the Guardians".

Fortress of the Guardians is a 4v4 scramble to capture the points on the map in order to achieve victory. Unlike our previous maps that have lanes that you need to push, Fortress of the Guardians focuses on bloody team fights as each team tries to secure their points.

What we hope to get from you guys is feedback on what you think of the new map. Some of the questions you might want to ask yourself are:

Did you enjoy it? Why or why not?
What worked or didn't work on the map?
Did it feel balanced?
Did the flow and pacing of the map feel right?
How did you feel about the layout of the map?

Feel free to respond in this thread and let us know how you feel about it. Try to provide as much detail as possible when responding.

Thank you!


  • NytmaerNytmaer
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    I've only played it once but I do like it, though it felt shorter than what I'm used to playing. Maybe the team I was on was just that effective. I'll play it a few dozen times and come back with more, but as far as first impressions go, It's all thumbs, so far so good.
  • DuWryghtDuWryght
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    There isn't much of an early game in this mode and area denial + burst is king here. I think running assassins is probably the most difficult thing you can do on this mode. Mind you, I've only played against bots, but the strategy I've seen develop is most likely what works on live. As the map is small, you really need to group and have effective communication on enemy location and capture timers. Wards are VERY good here though hypers with camo/invis can also be useful. I think a good tank can make or break even games because they or those that build as tank are the only ones able to stay on point when attacks are flying.

    I don't really like this mode. There are some hypers that really underperform on this map while others (those that are already top tier) remain dominant. What I'd like to see is respawn timers increase the more you die. It's a little silly seeing people suicide on a point just to appear later. I think repeated deaths should be punished with longer repawn time or at least the moving speed buffs and teleportation ability from base go on cooldown for a while.

    I'd also like to see more minions. I think having more things to tackle outside of the jars and the samurai things would be a nice addition. Even them being in place of the jars. There could have also been placement of one of the strong minions in the center of the map. I haven't killed more than 2 of them, but I wasn't sure if they drop a team buff or just a single hyper buff. I think it would be great to make those more significant objectives. If they drop a team buff, that could make it interesting. In that effect, a 5 one of those minions would (in theory) break stalemates depending on the stat advantages.

    I think the map is BEAUTIFUL! I definitely like it even if the aesthetic has been used in so many games. Definitely the best looking map so far.

    Overall, I want to like this mode, but regular mode seems to more as more fun. As this mode is shorter, it's a great mode to grind out story missions that just require wins or hypers being played. Unfortunately, I'm running out of those quests, so I won't have much reason to play this mode.