~~GG Thread of Appreciationessficationtudely~~~

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I'm away from my home computer, but I thought this would a good hub to show some love to players that you encountered and had a good match/positive experience with.

I'll shout out Socone for being flexibile and literally the only other person playing vs AI capture with me. You were also flexible once you got my strategy.

Shout out to some of my folks from an old alpha friends list that whooped us good yesterday. I don't have the names, but I'll retrieve them tonight. It was your Vamp, Wukong, Sapi, and Jack that dropped our Pinky, Kurenai, Aisha, and TnT. Pretty much a stomp the entire way after we won a near meaningless first team fight and yoinked Boss orb. I take most of the responsibility for that L as I committed to the first team fight we lost and didn't get online (played my late-game tank build). You all were well organized as you have been since I first met yall.

Shout out to Yenny that I finally bumped into 2 weeks ago. I know I'm low tier vs AI ruling right now, but that's because I'm trying to finish out story missions :3.
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  • RawrzoryRawrzory
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    Most of the people i have played with or against where almost always noticeable for one or more reasons. A few from the top of my head would be:

    Arcv for playing a nasty ass louis
    Volpe for playing tank almost every round
    Willjoestar for sportsmanship
    Cleek for ever growing striker plays
    Kirin for showing me how easy kurenai can kill blue rose
    oneofmany for sportsmanship
    Suruh ? Dunno the exact name plays allot of athena and good at that.
    Occult for showing me migen can actually be a pain in the b....

    As said there are many many more and all of the above have mostly been sportsmanlike. We got a neat little community here so far atleast. I think the easier question would be "who do you dislike" as for now i can only think of 1 person and i think he/she already quite some time ago xD.

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    Nosef is my Migenhardt #goals.
  • LilSlaveryLilSlavery
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    Kirin showed me how much i can hate allen to the core
  • DuWryghtDuWryght
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    Shout out to my team from the Discord that did work in customs yesterday. I'll get the names tonight. We came together like we had been classmates for years.

    Shout out to me for finally using TnT's block skill to beat out someone retreating.