Kurenai v.s. Blue Rose.

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Well since i started playing hyper universe one of the first chars i liked was blue rose. Been playing her for quite some time now and pretty much got a few builds i'm happy with (although i mostly use 1). Now after having met a few people that i believe are "kurenai only" players i have seen that the kurenai v.s. blue rose match up doesn't really favor blue rose.

You will have to dodge both stuns to be able to have a shot at winning and even then they can always still run around while waiting for CD's and throwing those ever annoying homing kunai's that slow.

Now i have tried to implement - stuntime gear and the "slow on crit" which helps allot in fighting her, but i loose out on allot of damage compared to my "high damage" build. Anybody else that might have some tips that can help here ?

(maybe this should have been posted in the hyper directory, but as this is not feedback on a hyper themselves i'm not quite sure it belongs there).


  • SyR_SnOwSyR_SnOw
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    On paper imo the match up is 7-5 in favor of kurenai mostly because of her passive. If you want/or HAVE to 1v1 her you either bait out her skills 1st or go in and try to burst her down. If you engage first and don't lock her down you need to RESET the fight. Make sure you keep distance and move between floors so you don't take damage from her kunai. I wouldn't worry about "building to fight Kurenai" just do your build that works for you but watch how you engage her. Hope this helps, I'm a Blue Rose main and 2 matches away from a 100 wins with Kurenai.
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    Well i figured i shouldn't sacrifice my build to fight against her, still maybe i will take one set along where i get some -stuntime to simply dash out of her combo if it needs be. It could help to start playing kurenai myself to maybe get a bit of the timings down etc. So i atleast get a general feel for when they come of CD. Thanks for the advice though about the reset, since if i failed the engage i mostly stuck around to still try and kill her which .... well lets say didn't end up all too well.
  • AlkorinAlkorin
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    Just thought I'd mention Kurenai's kunai only slow when she has her unique kunai equip maxed.
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    Yeah SyR has the right of it. I do agree adding some slow procs helps but that's only when she's visible. A good Kurenai in this matchup will be the first to initial. Basically, she is guaranteed full combo due to initiating from stealth. I haven't found the build yet, but I like to have my squishies to have moderate defense especially my "not-so-bursty" types. I think Blue rose is a good candidate for some defense or at least hp as she isn't burst enough to use life steal for good sustain (and lifesteal is useless when you are stunlocked).

    I always fashioned Rose as a finisher/pursuer. She's really great at that job. But 1 vs 1 broing someone, nah. I don't think I even build with the purpose of 1 on 1 for anyone due to the game ultimately descending to team fights and cc chains.
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    shrieking blade can cut kuren's Touch of Death combo short, giving you some time to bail out. (also great against louis, sapitelbub, gelimer, athena, etc. etc. close range cc).

    lol, not sure if that helps. :)

    this is a pretty good discussion though. we need more of these.
    (so... who's gonna start a general "matchups" thread in for all the hypers? I'll give it till tonight. if i there isn't one already. I go ahead and make one in game guides.)
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    Fighting Kurenai in 1 v 1 scenario's shouldn't happen as a Blue Rose too often. Assassins don't typically fight Assassin's except for the early jungle phase. Kurenai in particular is pretty nasty in 1 v 1's in the early -> midgame as she has tremendous kill pressure and single target damage. Avoid fighting her unless you have to, in which case pick fights that you can win and run otherwise. That's the aim of this game after all.
  • TempestFoxTempestFox
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    If you see her coming, it's easy. I never have a problem with Kurenai unless she surprises me. Even then, I have outs.