AI Partner Commands and Script Boost

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Unfortunately the times when I play there are usually around two people q'ing. So I only get to play with AI most of the time. More unfortunately, the partner AI is ruining this experience needlessly (I say ruining because the game is AWESOME other than this one thing, very fun to play). The opponent AI is much better for some reason. There are threads on improving partner AI scripts with which I agree, but I also think that simple commands (issued by ping editor or just mouse clicks on face icons) would make AI matches almost as fun as player and actually teach new players to actually play a role on a team.

Commands that would be nice:
1) Have bots respond to pings. Ability to click a specific bot in the team view area then ping where you want it to go.
2) Tell a bot to support you (follow and attack target) by double clicking or some sort of ping editor message.
3) Guard an area.
4) Refill HP and Refill HP if below XX% (Bots tend to go back into a fight with 30% HP as a melee against Ignitia)
5) Avoid specific Hyper.
6) Heal me you stupid alien!!!!
7) Take Invader.
8) Stay in front of me.
9) Take Turret aggro.

Many more possible, but these alone would make AI matches much more fun. Right now they are lacking ONLY because partner AI is brain damaged. If they could be coordinated AI would be almost as fun (in some cases more) than player matches. Also it would become perfectly fine to let AI sub in on player matches. The opponent AI is MORE than capable for subbing for almost any player.

I like AI matches but it feels like a waste because it is not at ALL the way you can play effectively with real players. These changes would mitigate that problem and make players more confident for entering player matches and give experienced players a chance to group with others and mentor them on team operations without having to play all of the roles.
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