Melee buff + auto attack while moving full speed

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First, yes I know about jumping auto. It's easier to do this backwards with a striker or ranged specialist and does much more damage.

After watching many matches including those streamed on your channel. Melee characters are only as effective as their ultimates and stuns. Really seems to come down to stun/push/knockdown as setup for the strikers or in Louis, Kurenai, S-bub case, kill solos if ult is up. Other than that there seems to be no real reason any melee will kill a ranged character. Or really contribute anything to a group fight.

Problems for melee:
1) Range for melee skills very low and easy to walk out of AFTER the skill has started.
2) Movement speed very fast and no penalty for change of direction.
3) Melee skills will miss if opponent is right on top of you facind the opposite direction.
4) Melee skills like Jennifer's Haymaker will often go right through an opponent if standing too close.
5) Melee attacks cause too great a speed reduction.


1) If Melee characters can move while attacking at full speed.
2) Increase range of melee skills and have hit box behind character slightly.
3) Increase passive defense of all melee characters so they don't have to run on sight of Ignitia.
4) Greatly increase base damage of non-ultimate melee skills.

Tanks may not need these upgrades Bruisers I think do. My melee AI partners NEVER kill anyone. Usually only AI Ignitia, Aisha, and Tatyana kill anything. Mostly because they never let the melees get anywhere near them. Even in player matches, if stun or ult misses the melee players just retreat. And they never do anything in group fights because they will melt if they get in front of tank and strikers can very easily turn around if they come behind the tank or just Ryta.