Excellent Combat needs Deathmatch (game modes)

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A maxed out character is so much fun.................for those few seconds before the minions end the match. I'm always left itching for more and usually the matches are over before the actual goal of the build is reached. Usually two and a half items before. Some suggested options:

1) Full build matches. Perhaps a custom option for rank consistency etc, but starting match with full build.
2) Faster gold earning. Items could be completed in first 10 minutes at average play speed.
3) Deathmatch. Compete to certain number of points instead of burning final turret.
-Turret could still be destroyed for points, but maximum points given for enemy defeat. Could even be gold instead of points.
-Final turret (means of healing) would respawn 1 min after being destroyed giving strategic advantage to destroying it.
4) Destroy the monster. Dragon or Invader. Boost stats of monster to point it requires full team nearly maxed to defeat. Only given a certain number of respawns (so idea would be to kill off opponent so they can't interrupt).

Jungling after quite a few play hours has gotten stale and unfortunately it's 85% of the match. The last few minutes are the most fun and they end so quickly. Combat is excellent. PVP specifically is excellent, yet, jungling is the meat and potatoes of the game, regrettably. I personally would like to see it emphasized a little less and combat a little more.
  1. Would you like to see more high level (end build) combat?0 votes
    1. 1) Yes, faster jungling and/or more game modes, please.
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    2. 2) Nope, them turtles ain't gonna kill themselves...
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    3. 3) Less jungling, yes, but your ideas are dumb.
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