Required Regular Match Wins for certain Hypers

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I made post about it, but I'm making another one because it's important. I think the required regular match wins for certain hyper emblems isn't fair. It's one thing if you were to have them on OP useful characters like Ignitia and Aisah. But having it Tooth and tops and Trakakhan is basically selling you on hoping you get a good team or playing premades. Why is this a thing? The emblems aren't any different style than the others you can win through any matches? I thought at the very least you can have "win 10 matches" get a tier 1 emblem. "Win 10 regular matches" get a tier 2.... 1.5 emblem. But there's not difference and the requirement is more difficult for specific hypers. Why is this a thing? It's inconsisent, makes no sense, and I WANT MY TOOT AND TOPS EMBLEM! XD.

Again, wins aren't tracked i(not visually). I'm on maybe 4~6 wins in regular matches with TnT but it doesn't any anythign aboutt my progress. If anyone has the Athena emblem, let me know if it even works.