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First off this game is great, thank you! I played pretty much the entire time and enjoyed my time. There are a few things I would like to see changed a bit. 1. I think the death timers are a bit to long towards the end by slightly, nothing major though. Also sorry for my spelling I forgot how to spell her name Elindas or something the healer, when she puts her heal mine by a ladder you will go down it. I know that its simple to just not put it by a ladder but maybe if your in a rush and you place one by a ladder instead it moves it over automatically next to the ladder. A votekick for someone afk in spawn to where the AI can at least take control. Overall good game and nothing really to complain about. I mean you could change nothing and i'd play. Game is fun.


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    Yeah, putting the healing mine near a ladder thing does need a change to it. I know I have done this already. I am pretty sure on Elendis portal skill it says can't be place near ladders but not sure if that is correct but I feel the healing mine should have the same thing on it but only with ladders that go down not up. The stun mines can stay the way they are though placing them near ladders is fun and strategic.