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Hello everyone. I won't go into a long todo about me. I try to play every hyper at least 10 games to get a feel with them and offer my feedback. I'll use this thread to keep mine confined into one location. I'll eventually have all the hypers here and might transfer the useful bits to the wiki if people find it of some help.



Gelimer: Skill difficulty: 1 star. Skill Ceiling: 1 star
Gelimer is pretty basic as it comes with tanks. He is there to take damage and slowly wear people out. Unfortunately he suffers from his own slowness. The windup on his shock wave is unnecessarily long. Every other tank has a near instant stun/stop skill. Gelimer's is Thunderclap which will ALWAYS be the first skill you do as you will never hit anyone after the windup of shock wave. The range of it is pretty bad as well. Gelimer is a hyper that you play to be next to enemes for the entire game. That's his strength and weakness he has no options to engage ranged attackers (static field will never last long enough before you get to them).

Green Pitbull: Skill difficulty 2 star: Skill ceiling: 3.5 Stars
GPB is the weirdest tank in the game thus far. He lacks real "tanking" abilities and is more of a support tank. I think his biggest difficulty is his combination of skills, low attack range, and lack of sustain.

Valter: Skill difficulty 2 stars. Skill ceiling: 3 stars
I think Valter is in a good place.I thought he was a boring hyper initially. As I played him, I fond that he is a solid tank capable of doing the tank job extremely well.



Sun Wukong

Tooth n' Tops (TnT): Skill difficulty: 1 star. Skill ceiling 2 stars.
TnT is in a decent place. They are decent across the board. They can do upfront damage, they can slow, and they can knock up enemies. He is great for stopping retreats, stopping persistent skills, and even preventing skills from firing. So far, the only concern I have is with his ultimate. The primarily issue is executing it. Unlike the other bruisers, TnT's ult has a windup that is very easy to lock out or avoid. Similarly, it requires them to be close to enemies. The ult itself isn't much different than Wukong's though with Wukong, he can execute it from far away and has a very large area of effect. The only change I would suggest is that TnT can execute the skill from midair. Given how simplistic the skill is, it's one of the more difficult ults to get off without having already disable the target. To that effect, on a disabled target, there is no issue with him continuing a CC chain, but that's a non-issue for anyone that can CC. It's not a skill that can be used to initiate which is contrary to the rest of the bruiser cast so far. It's best used as a follow which is a weakness of the skill (along with it's targeting area).

Zet: Skill difficulty: 2 Skill ceiling: 1 ~ 3 depending on how you play Zet.
I personally think Zet is a in a bad state right now and I don't like them (personally). He is designed to play the middle road between Attack and Defense. The problem is that I don't believe he will do either better than other bruisers, especially those that dedicate to something or another. His ult is the best in terms of keeping enemies close. However, the timing to use his ult where you won't end up being killed and to actually hit your targets requires a great amount of skill and coordination. Also, if you play Zet only in 1 mode, you simply his kit, but you will maximize an Attack or Tank build. The middle of the road build maximizes Mode shift, which encourages a true bruiser build. I would have liked to see more incorporation of effects from skills based on his 2 modes. As of right now, mode shift changes only stats.














Cain: Skill difficulty: 2. Skill ceiling: 2.5
Cain is a monster. I'm struggling to find an area he's weak in. His damage and sustain is a second to none. He's like playing Jack and Pinky at the same time. I don't want to see nerfs come to him but rather see weaker supports balanced around him. Considering mana is never going to be an issue for him, I would like to see increase mana consumption on him when he has his buffs applied. He pretty much gets to play as a striker with buffs which isn't really balanced given the other supports.

Elendis: Skill difficulty 1.5. Skill ceiling 2 ~3
I can't put my finger in her difficulty. Being aware of her skill timers is important as well as the gun mode she's in. Other than that, she's a solid backliner. I would like to see her traps have an AoE (not her healing one). I've not perfected the use of her portal and it seems to be an ignored ability in many of games I've played with or against her. She is more difficult because her allies need to know how to use her. I've not mastered continuing using CC chains with her as it requires Elendis to reposition to the frontline.

Pinky: Skill difficulty: 3. Skill ceiling 3. Pinky is also a beast. She is dominant in a lot of categories and the easiest to continue CC chains. While I love that her Cootie Beam slows and can stun, I feel that this provides her with far more utility than the other supports. Maybe a stacking slow would be better.

Victoria (I haven't played ten games with her yet, but I will share what I have and update this). Victoria is a powerful team support. I would ranked her skill difficulty as 2 due to the nature of how positioning for buffs work. Skill ceiling seems like a 3.5 or more. A passive playstyle isn't maximizing her debuff and buff potential. She's not the most interesting hyper to play unless you don't mind sitting during team fights or holding the attack key. Expert play considers her ult in forethought rather than as reactionary.