Gelimer needs a nerf

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he has soo much cc that its nearly impossible to kill him 1v1. the only way we have managed to ever kill him is through hard cc and kiting like no tomorrow, his cc last to long, is way to easy to chain and he need some of it droped of his kit, and with his cc he most defiantly dose not need a thorns effect as a passive.
  1. do you think he (Gelimer) needs a nerf?10 votes
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  • SyR_SnOwSyR_SnOw
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    He doesn't need a nerf. If he misses his cc combo he's practically useless. Also he needs support of his team more than any other tank because he gets blown up more than the rest. He is all in and has to commit on whoever he has cc'd, its really hard for him to catch entire teams unlike the others. He has a good kit but when you compare him to Admiral W its clear who the better pick is. So yea no nerf needed for him. Just spend a bit more time working on your positioning and not getting caught in his combo. He is easiy punished for only catching half of the team or just 1 person.
  • DuWryghtDuWryght
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    You will want to play Gelimer. I practically main him as a tank and literally all he has is monster shock. His skills are slow with almost no range and he will never kill anyone (alone or otherwise). He is a walking target whose purpose is to stall enemies. He has nothing to stop ranged attackers and he his options that keep him alive are very few. I'd say his needs a buff as he is more or less irrelevant and the 2nd easiest to ignore in a team fight (first is Pit bull). Honestly, just play him for 30 games. You will see that for what he can do, it's fair and outside of this monster shock, he really can't do much.

    (this was draft I found today. I didn't post it because it was clear that the OP hadn't played Gelimer). I decided to post it seeing as Snow already went in.
  • KafrielKafriel
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    Gelimer enjoys an easy health-stacking build that doesn't compromise his dps, but his burst is bad and his CC is very, very limited. Having to dash in a team in order to initiate makes all that HP necessary, and you WILL be counting on extra CC and a load of damage from the rest of your team in a fight. He does, however, excel at picking off weak targets, since his CC can be just as much an escape tool as a lethal weapon.

    Still, he's not at the top of my list - and not at the bottom, either. The bottom is a special place saved for tooth and tops (ironically enough)... and my top is currently Athena - lots of defence, crucial CC, does exactly what a tank should be doing. GPB is second, because of its amazing presence in the game, with the AS debuff and poisonous daisies disrupting enemy advances on a level that no other tank can manage. I recognize Wallace's worth, but it's not my style, I hate hook characters for the very reason that people focus on that single aspect more than I believe they should. Valter is... weird. Gotta play him more.