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This is a PVP game. I do understand that AI is a very small sidepoint. Nonetheless, it is in the game and has the potential to increase the player base in three ways.

1) Simply being fun for people who don't like playing against humans.
2) Offering a good environment for people to learn the game without feeling like they are hurting those unfortunate enough to be grouped with them. #whereskurenai
3) Filling gaps in player population.

The problem is this:

1) Population is low sometimes. For many (like me) if they want to play at the time good for them, AI is only option. Waiting for games that don't come means you get 0 GP, so getting those new ch-hypers would be impossible.
2) AI is teaching you how to lose at the game.
3) AI in the game is more than competent enough to fill out a team and play like one. Opponent AI plays nearly exactly like the EU team did in the showmatch. Impressive really.

I made a separate post about requesting commands for partner AI. This thread is more regarding using the AI already in the game to really help players learn and enjoy the game. If veteran opponent AI was actually the partner AI the game would teach players actually HOW TO PLAY. They wait behind tanks. Respond to nearby "Enemy engage" in force and organized. They use cc on certain hypers then unload from specialists. They are phenomenal really. The partner AI, stands under the ladder and runs the wrong way. Jungles on Valter accomplishing LITERALLY nothing for 5 minutes, abandoning each mob to run somewhere else despite team members dying or turrets being destroyed. They insist on soloing the dragon often dying to him and leaving if you join them.

I know the point is to make the AI challenging, but it really should not be. The point should be to simulate real player matches and strategies. Learning to play a role. The AI is clearly capable of this already, but for some reason partner AI is gimped and is a missed opportunity. If used properly a person could learn to be an efficient team member more than just using AI to learn the buttons and skills. Worse than that because of the dumb AI you can learn all sorts of terrible habits learning to beat the AI which will be the precise opposite of what you ever want to do on a team with 4 humans.

Adjust the AI and perhaps give command options and you will likely see more new players feel confident that they can be effective in the game. That can only be good for all of us. Not at the expense of polite experienced players that don't mind sacrificing their MMR to help new people. Some people are toxic, but really it must be hard for those who are good to lose points and ranking because they randomly were assigned someone who innocently just doesn't know what they are doing. New people won't want to be a curse, and skilled people will form specific groups just to avoid that curse.


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    as some1 who exlusivly plays vs ai whit my freind this is my short and simple feedback on the ai system.

    move the enemy ai programming and logistic system over to player ai team!.
    this game will never be big, it will never have the numbers to constantly fill veteran mode whit 4 players.
    what will happend in 90% of the situations after official release is there will be 1-2 players and 7-6 bots. current CBT status is 99,5% of all veteran AI games is 1 or max 2 humans and rest are bots.

    as sutch player team bots must be able to carry the humans!, not the humans carry the bots. player team ai must be able to push in the same manners as enemy ai, and fight 4 hypers in 1 lane as the ai does. this could be solved by giving command overrite function for player team ai.
    that friendly ai farms is fine but it should only be done when player team has more hypers alive then enemy ai team, and never solo agasint the bosses as they do now 100% of the times.
    and for gods sake, program the ai tanks to not farm. they dont have the dmg for it and end up cemping it for several minutes.

    allso tone down the keyscan that enemy team ai has. enemy ai opperates whit non human reaction times. 0.2 sec after i press a skill the enemy team ai dashes away or CC. how is that going to teach humans to fight for pvp?

    what allso must be done is if a human selects a tank, tank selection for freindly ai must be disabled. i want to play a tank in ai but i cant as then there will be 2 tanks and 2 dps vs 1 tank and 3 dps. the the last ai on player team is allways a tank.
    mirror hyper selection for enemy ai must stop. whit so many hypers, mirror selection should happend once every 30 games, not every 3rd game as it is now.

    it is time you devs get your head out of the sand and face the truth: vs ai must be remade as what works in the east dont work in the west, or you can just aswell tell your eastern bosses to remove the mode completely.