Open Beta vs EA

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Would this game have done well if we just went into open beta and left the founders pack content as a starter bundle for the game. We would have so many more players, and new players, and you can still do testing because its technically still a beta. just open to everyone. it can still be Ea to, paladins is f2p EA and its doing very well. Just wondering what people think about this.
  1. Open beta with starter bundle or EA?8 votes
    1. EA
       0% (0 votes)
    2. Open Beta with starter bundle
       100% (8 votes)


  • SyR_SnOwSyR_SnOw
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    Honestly I just want launch with 8 new Hypers at least! Sigh, the current way things are going its very frustrating. Think an open beta would have been much better but here we are.
  • TomatoTentacleTomatoTentacle
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    Paid early access for an eventual F2P game sounds like a terrible idea, specially when you have a bad reputation like Nexon already does. Paid early access requires the players to have faith in the developer, but with Nexon people bitter from DFO and GitS:First Assault flooded the steam page from day 1 rooting for the game's demise, the whole ordeal that followed and them doubling down on it just gave more wood to those people to throw in the fire.

    If the game was free people would have at least bothered to install it to check it out themselves and maybe get hooked, there would be plently of "I will play but wont spend money" people but at least they would be boosting the head count, atm in the steam page you have to read a lot just to find out the game will eventually be free for starters.

    ATM best they can do is hurry up with F2P release with a BIG content drop to entince old people to come back so the numbers look a bit better when new people check them out.