Jennifer's Wonky Hit Box

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Jennifer is awesome. But her hitbox is hit or miss requires a little luck more than fine tuned accuracy.

Her ultimate will frequently travel directly through the opponent.
Her tiny little fists will whiff within 10 units (I don't really know the units measurement but it's way too close for a melee to miss).
It's also not consistent. Occasionally the ultimate will pull the opponent with her (even from behind her) and hit them across the room. That seems better actually.
Her Hyper Pummel will occasionally leave the person it hit behind, leaving her with her back to a grateful opponent ready to body her.

Please fix her hitbox if possible. She is so much fun to play but these hit or miss challenges make it unwise to play her regularly in competition.

Her melee attacks should home in on the nearest opponent, no other melee has such a small hit box as they all use weapons and very large swinging arcs. Melee is gimped enough against range, especially Specialists that have unreasonable homing skills that melt or worse yet (Iggi's ultimate). I think it would be reasonable for Jen to get slightly (actually MUCH) bigger hitboxes and a little homing when near a hyper.

You can try this on an AI Jennifer to see, let her engage and then go left and right rapidly. About 50% of her skills will whiff as even if you are standing directly on her but her fist is off of your body, she will miss. You end up having to line up perfectly just to punch someone, and the AI knows this (Signal for example will stand on you and shoot you then as you move away from him so that your punch will hit, he will switch sides and stand on you again shooting you the entire time of course).