A restaurant analogy

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You know Nexon, I understand why you think censoring the game will result in a larger playerbase. It's like immigrants opening a restaurant in america. If it's too authentic it will fail, so they gota americanize their food to succeed. The idea is that people who hate censorship will still play but you guys will also gain access to players who were bothered by the sexulization.

But what you guys don't understand is that the game was designed to appeal to those of us who love sex appeal. Most of the players who were excited about the game getting localized loved the game for what it was. So what you guys are actually doing is opening an americanized restaurant in a minority community. No feces it's gona fail. And you can theorize all you want about the game reaching a larger audience but what's happened so far should have more than clued you in on how things are acutally turning out.

And you can't blame the players for not giving your game the light of day without even playing your game. You can have the most amazing game in the world, but if playing the game means supporting censorship Its completely resonable for people to boycott your game. Because even if you only censor a little, you are still taking something that we loved and looked forward to and changing it to give us an inferior product. Feels bad man, its the reason why I really don't mind if this game ends up dead despite loving the gameplay.