Feedback about Hyper Rumble and competitive play

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What does everyone think about competitive meta now that we've gotten to see some high level competition?

1) Strategy is in first place. Gear, team makeup, equipment, all secondary factors to strategy which is perfect.
2) Fast paced pvp.
3) Streams well with spectate mode.
4) Build system allows multiple hypers to fill multiple roles at player discretion.

Could Love More:
1) Low skill requirement on Ignitia and Pinky may turn a lot of players into either of them. Perhaps they need a hard character counter (like a hyper that can mitigate fire damage)
2) Balance of jungling to team fights.
-A little more incentive to pvp during the match (especially early on) might be more entertaining. Not as great watching players avoid each other and pve.
-Attacking an enemy should always be the most rewarding thing that can be done.
-Objectives that really require splitting the team might be helpful.

Watching the matches, much like playing the game, I find myself a bit disinterested for the first 15 min. Then the characters are built and the game gets awesomely exciting but it ends so quickly. It doesn't feel like the match needs to be so long just so that the characters can pve for a long time. The more exciting endgame combat should be the meatier part of the match in my opinion. Not sure how to do that, but just my feedback.

Suggestion: Maybe give the mobs much less HP such that it's a very reasonable to have all of them cleared out for a time. Forcing players to focus on turrets and each other before respawns (like Fortress of Guardians a bit).


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    Attacking player still is the most rewarding, however smart jungling and accessing situations where engaging a team fight would be bad is equally important. I've played games where I had to surrender the jungle because we lacked the CC and early game strength to compete. It really sucked being behind in pretty much everything. We were losing the entire game, but bided our time. We ended up winning in an endgame team fight that decided it all (and a well timed boss kill). I don't think I want to encourage this descending into TDM. You need phases and pros and cons for everything. You can always engage and this game is very tower-dive-friendly. I enjoy watching counter strategies unfold during "passive" play especially if the team lineup isn't built for engagement.