Wholly Crap... THEY LISTENED!

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I was but a day away from making a post that basically said this game is doomed to some horrible cash shop model that will drown this game into the ground based on the low playerbase and retention rate... and that the active voices feel like they aren't heard.

I'm really glad that my suggestion of a Free Weekend was considered and that my suggestion of not having to win games during the events to get cube rewards (I can reference the Facebook post, but it doesn't really matter who originated the feedback, but that it was considered). This is refreshing for me because I was pretty sure we were talking to no one but Raziel and Predictable who may or may not even respond.

I think this event is great, though a little bit of a slap in the face to people that got a friend invite recently. I think their accounts should be upgraded as well (though it's not difficult to load up another account and get it to lvl 7). I don't have to worry about winning, so I (an many others) won't queue vs AI. We will have to make sure that premade groups are playing against other stacked teams. It's not like there is ranking, but I can queue up with 2 of my other friends and lay waste to the new players. I'll do my best not too ;)

I do want to thank the Nexon Team for making us feel heard. You are as active on the forums as a stink bug, but this event does make it apparent that you were at least listening to us.

I'll make sure to update the Wiki for this event.

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    So you want to take full credit of the idea of a free weekend to get more people to try and play the game, eh?

    Very bold of you, I hope it's not true though. This event has slighted everyone else that had to pay to get early access to the game and so now A LOT of people are returning the game in droves. In just the last three days 15.9k owners of the game went down to 10.2k you lost a third of the player based because of this idea.

    Because of this event they now hurt the people who even supported this game...jeez...as if they weren't on the bad side of enough people...

    Interesting to watch the numbers though!
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    I can get the feeling of being slighted, but no one is hurt" Just because someone got something on sale doesn't mean the people that bought it at full price are hurt. Similarly, the people that bought access to the game got the play the game before those getting in now (meaning they have things unlocked, are more familiar with the game, have friends online, etc). As for your mentioning of ownership, I don't think you are calculating the people playing through the Nexon Launcher which is where you redeem the Friend codes. You have to remember this game didn't start on Steam.

    Good to see you glossed over the part where I said, "but it doesn't really matter who originated the feedback, but that it was considered)." I can concede to the likely fact that I'm not the arbiter of the feedback (I wasn't the only one that thought it was a good idea, though most of the folks i talked too thought that would be pointless). I can, however, date my suggestion and others in Discord (I'm not familiar of your name, so I don't believe you are part of the Discord community) can vouch that I was at least a vocal proponent of the Free Weekend (though I don't think the granting players Founder's Access was something anyone suggested). Regardless, the point was and remains that suggestions were made and actions took place that looks to have been informed by suggestions. Alternatively, the free weekend could have always been in the works and suggestions before hand were early indicators of something bound to happen. We'll never know.

    I'll continue supporting the community and enjoying this wonderful game for as long as it's online. I don't think people are leaving in droves but rather waiting for specific hypers or for full launch. It's just like people playing EA for a platform game or rpg that only has 2 levels and not all the characters. You can only play it so much before it becomes stale, but you are likely to return when more content is released. With the addition of Shasha (in my opinion, a "meh" hyper) and yet another cube event, and free weekend there will be a spike in activity, on that I am very happy to see.

    Of course, you are welcome to your opinion. GL:HF!