Mini Hypers

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I know the chance of this happening is slim but here's the roll:

Make mini hypers as minions. You could unlock them like skins and then equip them at the equipment screen. My thought is basically cosmetic. It would work that one of the minions in each wave would be the mini hyper you equipped. A team of 4 would mean that your 4 minions could all be mini hypers each wave. Certain mini hypers could replace the sentinels in a match.

Obviously, Korea would have to think of and do this first so it has less than 1% chance of occurring but a suggestion is a suggestion and it seems a great way to expand the cosmetic character tweaking in game.

Also, more of a stretch, could have minions get slightly increased stats based on the mini hyper used. Or any other beneficial effect, longer range, more HP, etc. Just putting it out there because I'm in love with the mini hyper art and I am not ashamed of it in the least (c'mon just look at the mini curse eye, you know you love it)