Shasha skill bugs/typos

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Type: Bug/Typo
Description: Shasha's passive skill "Witch's Broom" states it increases her base movement speed by 200 after moving for 2s, it also states she has +750 movement speed cap, the latter effect, despite being listed as a separate effect in its own bullet point is only applied while the former effect is active.
To me this comes off as misleading as the increased cap doesn't specify it triggers together with the speed increase. I know this is the format it's written in on the KR wiki but to me it just looks confusing.

Also, Gelimer's passive description refers to him as "Frank" when hovered over in-game as well as the detailed skill description in Game Info. Give the guy a break will ya? FIXED


  • AuraniAurani
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    Another Shasha skill typo.
    The tooltip description of her ultimate "Sentinel Crystal" states the target becomes Stunned and Silenced when they actually get Slowed and Silenced on the third stack.
    This typo appears when you hover over the skill in Hyper Settings, Game Info and Hyper Select.


    Just discovered "Magic Eyes" is also bugged.
    The HP regen is not increased by 150%/225% of max mana, it's actually 40%/60%, the KR wiki states this as well and is easy to confirm with some quick maths.
    Example 1: lvl 1 Shasha has 75 regen and 100 mana, 40% of 100 is 40%HPReg, 75 * 1.4 = 105 which matches the stat page in-game.
    Example 2: lvl 20 Shasha has 265 regen, with Kitty Pendant built she has 135 mana, +50% effect now equals 60% of 135 which is 81% HPReg, since Kitty Pendant also provides 50% HPReg we add them together giving us 131% HPReg total. 265 * 2.31 = 612 which matches in-game stats.

    The in-game description behaves weird when swapping between Yellow and Blue mode.
    While in Blue mode the text appears correctly. (20% Max Mana/Regen)
    While in Yellow mode the descriptive text swaps place but the % scalings do not, meaning it suddenly incorrectly states that Max HP and HP Regen is increased by 20/30% of Max Mana instead of 150/225% of Max Mana.
    Edit: Some screenshots to show the text glitch
    FIXED, removed screens since they're irrelevant.
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    Hey Aurani,

    Thank you for the report we will be looking into this.

  • AuraniAurani
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    Tooltip description of Tick Tock Curse needs to be patched up as well. It states "decreases enemy Defense to Shasha's Max Mana", when it decreases it based on Shasha's Max Mana. AVKFBF2.jpg