Daily Quests and Login Rewards

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I feel that adding daily quests to this game would infuse the community with more desire to play. I find myself playing everyday just to get my 3 cubes then getting off. By adding more daily rewards that require play, I feel that we could incentive people to play more beyond their 3 cube wins. This might also be a valid solution to the lack of gold I feel there is to get in the game currently.

I do like the current login in rewards. If you cannot make daily quests happen, I think keeping the login rewards is a decent compromise.


  • PredictablePredictable
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    That's a great idea. Thanks for the feedback!
  • KafrielKafriel
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    I would argue against this; although extra dailies mean faster advancement, it also means that the game requires more time to play. I know it doesn't REALLY need to, but daily quests are to be done every day, and when a lot of games start asking for your time, peple tend to leave some of them entirely.

    I'm also probably one of the few who find the gold rate to be okay. I do, however, second the login rewards - it's a much better way to keep your fanbase in check without affecting their schedule. If you do end up adding daily quests, please make them manageable; playing 5+ matches just for daily rewards would start making the game a chore, which would be a real shame, considering it is one of the most fun games I've played so far.