Use Community Stream to educate us noobs please.

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Could you setup Custom Games for the community stream? Use the stream to introduce people to the game and really tell new players key information highlight and explain build choices, team composition and coordination, and map rotation.

Please, also, encourage party making and team strategy for new players. A stacked team of 4 good players will beat a team of 4 coordinated new players, yes, but 4 players that simply understand basics of playing as a team make the game really just not fun for 4 players that do not even want to speak to each other. Honestly, I think it makes the game seem much worse than it is because of not having that basic understanding. It's as crucial as if people were never told what the towers were.

This really is not criticism, I am concerned rather people are missing out on how fun the game is by not being given basic understanding of team mechanics in the tutorial and beyond.

This is my first moba, if I had not watched the community tournaments and various streams I might have quit because regular matches as they are just are not fun in any way. When you are against a coordinated group and you are not at all coordinated with your team you literally accomplish NOTHING. You get chased away from everything. Your team members show up after someone gets killed and die one by one. There is always one person that just believes that jungling will save everything when it is absolutely pointless if the match is going to end in 8 minutes because no one rotates to the turret and the people that do (me), get killed because they are not a lane character (Jen v Shasha/Ad W woot!).

Anyway, I think that it would be very beneficial to encourage teamplay and mechanics more through whatever means available. Losing to a team of 4 people that are just BETTER than your team at playing as a team is still a lot of fun. Losing team fights is still fun. Getting outplayed is still fun. Being an uncoordinated mess, however, is as much fun as playing basketball without a hoop to shoot at, and feels equally pointless.

I do not plan to solo Q anymore but party and plan a strategy before joining any match as I know that will solve my issue. Once I'm experienced and good then I can probably solo Q and still have fun, but right now, it's impossible to learn anything and just not any fun, especially after waiting for an hour for the match to begin. Still, I would love to see a lot more encouragement for how important the team aspect is, the few AI matches actually teach you exactly how NOT to play as it is impossible to coordinate anything with the AI. Even in the descriptions of the class types and specific hypers, info about how the class/hyper should play on the team would be a good start.

I love the community stream, it's funny and enjoyable watching you guys get matches. Thank you for doing that. However, I would also love more instruction for helping noobs. Especially something like helping a person make a build and understand why items work together for certain hypers. Early build, mid build, late build, etc. there's lots of info that you just don't get from tutorial or AI matches that really can be game changing as to whether the game is fun in pvp. Especially when your team is very disappointed with your choices but you have only a few seconds to find out why after a shameful defeat. Which is not always easy because you just caused them to lose, and they hate you, and would like to Q before you get out of the results screen so they do not get you on their team again lol.


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    I know the disparity in skill levels right now is rough but I can say I am actively trying to help. I am currently working on a Youtube series for basic game information and map strategies, along with item guides that explains why you would want to pick each item. I can use any help I can get with information. I don't plan on monetizing the videos or am I looking for subs. I just feel like I want to help the community get more competitive. Hopefully the devs hear you.

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    I think it has a lot to do with hands-on experience. I'm a seasoned MOBA player and it still took me ~4 matches to figure out the game's pace, and another five to analyze end game stats and optimal character builds, as well as which hypers benefit from each type of build. A video on basics would be good, though - tell people why you have roles and what their strengths and weaknesses are, what changes in lanes as the game progresses, etc.
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    ...a lot of stuff[

    Hop onto the Discord and join us. You want to get better or play with more coordinated folks? On discord, we discuss builds and are very helpful for new players. Most of the seasoned players know each other or at least recognize names. It's really hard to teach people how to play this game with what we have, so you have to run the gauntlet like we all did. Losing isn't so bad. It can get frustrated when it's only 7 people queuing with 3~4 of the 7 queuing as a stack.