HU devs need to deprioritize Hyper Specific Gear

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This thread is a long time coming and one I'm not the original author (at least the suggestion). Tots, Jolernaught, and I were discussing hyper builds and how certain hyper specific equipment (HSE) is pretty much mandatory for any loadout on a given hyper. These HSE provide substantial bonuses and changes to skills that outclass any stat/passive bonuses from common equipment. While I'm sure some of these is addressed in the Korean version, we are at least dealing with this issue now. I can give some examples from... every hyper... but I'll just put forward the one's I've played more than 10 games with.

Admiral W
Coat of the Deep:the buff to Black Mark is just too good and the stat bonuses are on equal playing field to similar gear (task force shield).
Captain's Chalice: Pretty much a staple for giving him better hp regen.

Not equipping Thunder Jacket or Spark Generator (or both) is extremely noticeable when playing him, especially early game. Without either of them, Gelimer is as generic as Zet with no CC.

Green Pit Bull
If you don't equip Wild Creeper and Lethal Predator... you are doing it wrong. The boosted hp from Lethal Predator plus the at+def connected to your max health from Wild creeper provides GPB everything it needs to do its job better. Shoot. Slimy Sap is another strong item for it.

Bloody Mask: 5% hp store from your own max health? Come on... and it's his spam attack....

Fire Scepter: Boosts cap on burning stacks and drops enemy defense based on the number of stacks. This one is a no brainer.
The Searing Eye: Boosts one of the most powerful skills in the game by ignoring 30% of enemy defense along with providing 30% defense bypass. Again, a no brainer.

Coated Card and Gambler's dice makes all of my builds. The boost in attack speed and the bread and butter stats for any striker is all there.

HU pretty much encourages you to use all of Cain's uniques. They provide better benefits for Cain when compared to similar common gear.

Tachyon Converter: The best ward in the game.... and a hard buff to her standard heal in groups.
Mag Coil: Attack speed and cooldown reduction on her placeables + cooldown in general? And a hard buff to her heal...

The list goes on. Tots was saying we need to deincentivize the use of HGE or at least limit the number one can have and equalize their impact on that hyper. Typically, I've observed their being negative statistics applied to gear such as this to make it a risk-reward scenario. The gold cost is almost inconsequential given that there is no endgame use for gold and you still build on a priority scale with whatever gear you need most (specifically those that alter your primarily skills or playstyle).

While the conversation was a while back, I believe the suggestion Tots made was to limit the number of uniques one can use on a loadat and/or remove them as gear in the game and introduce them in a skill augment slot where they provide no stats but boost your skills in one area. I like the latter idea especially given how some items you build not for the stats but for their ability, (and these items tend to have the ever-so-useful mana regen stat [not by coincidence]), they even put that in the roster of items? I think this suggestion will also encourage the more diverse builds we want to see. I noticed with the incoming patch, at least Wu Kong was being addressed with the HGE that gave him the double ult. Seriously, that stuff right there was mandatory in every build. I would much rather see people approach each hyper differently in terms of skill augments. Else, why even have common gear outside of boost and accessories if every Shasha is going to equip Witchy Wand and Dispelling stone...? When 1~3 slots of a given loadout are dedicated to required HGE, we have a problem with equipment balance.

  1. Should Hyper Specific Gear be adjusted?6 votes
    1. No
       67% (4 votes)
    2. Yes. Normalize benefits with negatives
       0% (0 votes)
    3. Yes. They should be reintroduced as stat-less skill adjustments separate/a part of the loadout
       17% (1 vote)
    4. They should be removed entirely.
       17% (1 vote)
    5. They should changed another way.
       0% (0 votes)
    6. They should only affect vs AI and custom games.
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    Hey Duwryght, how do you feel about the way Liu's unique passives are?
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    I'd say it's good the way it is. Some hypers only benefit from their own gear in terms of skill CDR, but what if you wanted to build a hyper differently? Get a ring, stack defense bypass, or MS buffs, or snowball items, etc. You are already presented with the choice of skill bonuses and whatever stats unique gear has to offer versus the full extent of the game's inventory and all the combinations you could come up with. You may also pick just a couple of a hyper's unique items and make different sets for different stages or team compositions.
  • DuWryghtDuWryght
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    Hey Duwryght, how do you feel about the way Liu's unique passives are?

    NOTE: I do not like Liu and will never buy him.

    All of them save for the suit provide a flat boost to damage and some degree of skill cooldown above 10%. Spirit Cutters are mandatory (boots plus boost to your ult? No brainer). Herioic Suit doesn't seem to have any downside to it, so you might as well put it on and Twin Dragons are fair (passable).. The justice Nunchucks make his heavy very spammable especially on a cooldown build (which is what I like on assassins). I'd say they are ballpark in the vein that this game could go though flat boosts to damage in a skill isn't always very valuable unless it's your ult. Players are going to weigh overall stats with what skills get boosted. I see Spirit Cutters and Heroic suit being staples in any Liu build (at least the shoes). I also feel they don't really do anything novel with the character besides add damage. I don't tend to opt for a single skill getting more powerful when I can make my entire character more capable (especially when you are weighing a single, non-ult skill against gear with similar/better stats that enhance your character beyond a single skill).

    I feel like unique should augment your playstyle as a build would. Instead, it only changes you playstyle with some characters. I look at Aisha's Permafrost Locket. It does everything most of Liu's passives do, but she gets additional bonuses on her Snowstorm. i just don't get the how the devs are balancing these items even against other characters....