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So, MxM is shutting down, and it shared many of the same hurdles that HU is currently going through, except HU still has the chance to change course and make a comeback, but changes need to happen if it's to have a chance of being a sustainable game, one of these changes, in my opinion, is the in game economy.

HU and MxM share an atrocious economy in common, expecting players to grind out content for countless hours, MxM had the limited Sol income plus required items for certain characters on timed dungeons, HU on the other hand has plethora of gold sinks and other artificial blocks for players to unlock content, this has to be amended before release, being slightly less stingy than the market leader simply won't do if this game is to find a stable playerbase.

The daily login rewards are a step in the right direction, but I don't think it's enough to keep players invested long term after they use up all the "welcome" gifts.

First off lets look at the crafting system, dismantling costs have to go, there's literally no reason to charge to get rid of unwanted/unneded samples. Next would be cores, cores apparently are rare as all hell, if you want to keep them then make them required only for crafting Hypers and skins, remove the core requirement from emblems and emotes. Cubes are short in supply, them being win only doesn't help, maybe award 2 on win 1 on defeat and up the daily cube supply to 6 on weekends to incentivize people to log in and play.

Equipment set costs have to go, they are insanely expensive and unique per hyper, unlocking all equipment slots for a single hyper costs 18,000 gold, that's an insane amount of gold given the limited supply of gold, make them tied to hyper level so it has a purpose since it currently has none.

Account emblem slots costs 4k gold to unlock? what the hell is this? just like equipment slots this has no reason to cost gold other than to cheat people out of gold so they are more likely to spend money unlocking hypers, make it tied to account level so it at least is some form of account progression.

The unique items need some serious rework or drop the amount of them to 2 instead of 4, it seems like every hyper only has 1 or 2 of them that are actually useful, which lines up to most hypers having only 1 or 2 core skills that define their character plus other filler skills, atm a good half of hyper unique equipment is nothing but achievement bait that never sees any real play.

Lastly, allowing players to syntethize and craft premium skins at an extra cost would go a long way getting player goodwill and some good word of mouth, Battlerite and Overwatch allow players to obtain premium cosmetic items without spending and it seems to be working out well for them, as I said before, being less stingy than LoL simply won't cut it like it didn't cut it for MxM, the game will have to go out it's way to be generous and entice free to play players to stick around so that when spending players come around they have people to play with.