Patch 3.7 rundown feedback

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Always great work by Disrepect and Predictable. I love watching these.

This is my post from Facebook.

Recap for the wiki, the trophies on the equipment means how popular it is to use that equipment on the specific hyper or in general?

Also, unless rewards for hyper levels are included along with rewards for story missions completed, an exp event is rather useless (especially after the "lvl up to 15" event). Exp as it stands does nothing meaningful. Meanwhile we have 5 hypers that can't unlock their "win 10 games" emblem because.... reasons? I mean, this game is already released... why are we getting a small piecemeal of essentially the full (balanced) game? I don't need all the characters, but all the characters that we have we should be able to play it as they are in the live Korean version. What are we really testing beyond the interest in the game?

Why are we getting ranked mode? What is that going to do? It's just another queue that people aren't going to play. We already split the queue with AI and Regular mode. We barely had enough to get 1 full game on regular mode. Why add ranked?

Lastly, can we get a quarterly update on most played/least played hypers? This will be useful for testing purposes.

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