the game is dead .. ?

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pls say no...... :c


  • DuWryghtDuWryght
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    The game hasn't had life yet. We here are a small community keeping our fingers crossed for the live release in January.

    I'll be honest with you, it's not looking good, but all we can do is live one day at a time whilst the servers are still up.
  • XennusXennus
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    I'd think the best term is stillborn. At the very least, the studio did promise we will get a public launch no matter what, and that giving up on the game in the Early Access phase was out of question. I expect to see quite a few players on the launch week, the real million dollar question is : Is the new population going to stay ? I mean, today's times are scary. Even in pay-to-play games is not unusual for a person to buy it, play it and drop it in less than a week. Saturated market + impatient audience doesn't really bode well, but well, since I joined 2 weeks ago, I'm not gonna be just like the ones I'm criticizing. I'm staying to wait and see where this goes.
  • KafrielKafriel
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    The game is still in its nascent soul stage. Wait until it breaks through its closed door cultivation in a couple of months and it will rise after severing all the impurities from its code!
  • raincomplainsraincomplains
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    It's hard to say since it's early access still, and hardly any marketing in NA... Then again, I can't even tell who are players and who are ai. lmao = 0 =
  • YennyYenny
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    Eh, not quite dead perhaps. It's more of like an abandoned ghost town with a of us still haunting around!
  • ChristmasChanChristmasChan
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    Censorship killed it awhile ago. us leavers tried to warn you all, but you still went through with it. now the game is suffering because the majority was ignored in favor of a minority.
  • ParitoParito
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    Censorship? Not even gonna bother.
  • Hu_PowerHu_Power
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    Not enough publicity. No ads have really gone out to the public so the most publicity the game receives is community based. I don't truly believe the game has had a chance to determine it's bandwidth. That being said beta is still upon us. Also it may seen dead since a lot of the community remains idle or queues for AI so the queues for any other pvp related seem in decline.

    Time will tell. [Fingers crossed]
  • Dr_CheesesteakDr_Cheesesteak
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    Censorship killed it awhile ago. us leavers tried to warn you all, but you still went through with it. now the game is suffering because the majority was ignored in favor of a minority.
    Lol, the QQers over the censorship were the minority,. They were just louder. Censorship had nothing to do w/ it. *yawn* Besides, if you really avoided playing b/c 5% of cleavage was covered, then you really need to start re-thinking your priorities in such a sad life.

    Anyway, the game never really "took off" so to speak in the first place. The all-time peak was 530 ppl per I'd say it was a combination of long ques, repetitive map play, lack of promotion, and the snowball effect of "omg, not a lot of ppl play? Well then I won't play either" garbage logic.

    Me personally, I stopped playing after ques went up to 5 mins and I actually lost in a vs Easy AI match that took 30 mins b/c of bads on my team. Game just gradually felt less and less time-investment worthy. At its core, still a good, fun game tho.

    once it goes F2P, it should pick up, like almost any game does when going F2P. Look at Battlerite. Was at like 1-2k avg daily players, went F2P and skyrocketed up to like 30-45k players. Now it's at a solid and stable 10-15k daily players. But I'm also pretty sure they had front page Steam promotion? That'd help Hyper U a lot.
  • ShángSháng
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    This game is going to be far from dead as it's GOING INTO FREE TO PLAY NEXT MONTH WOOOOOOOOoooooooooo