Patch 3.7 Megathread

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Hello Hypers!

Got some specific feedback about the latest patch? This is the place to post it!

Patch notes can be found here

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Thank you for taking the time to submit your feedback; we look forward to reading your replies.


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    You could add the language in the Portuguese of Brazilian in skills.
    Skills are the most important of having understanding in the game.

    I have a question, when placing the Ranked mode in the game will decrease the amount of players in the regular match, this would not hurt the two modes? Due to the delay in finding players.

    Or is this a test for when the game is open?

    I think it would be interesting for the ranked mode, in the team only to be able to play with only one guest, or in double, because if one person is playing solo, and in the other for time closed this would be very bad.